A Place in the Sun fans blast ‘time-wasting’ couple as Jasmine fails to land contender


    Channel 4 viewers were jetted off to Tenerife on Friday for another chance to see pair Steve and Jane’s hunt for their first dream home together. However, despite seemingly ticking off the pair’s requirements “on paper” in all of her properties, musician Steve, in particular, refused to consider any of Jasmine Harman’s listings as contenders – prompting a backlash from viewers.

    With a budget of £200,000, Steve and Jane had a long list of requirements, including a garden, traditional looks and space for a studio for Steve.

    And on the face of the five properties, Jasmine appeared to tick off a number of boxes.

    However, she received lukewarm response after lukewarm response.

    Complaints from Steve and Jane ranged from properties being too modern to not modern enough, and irks over nearby roads and the sight of electric pylons.

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    And with so much criticism of Jasmine’s options, fans at home were quick to make their thoughts known.

    “You’re not unlucky Steve pal,” vented one Channel 4 viewer on Twitter. “You just want too much in an expensive place for your budget. #aplaceinthesun.”

    A second claimed: “The producers haven’t done their homework with these two. Time wasters who are about 100k short of what they want. #aplaceinthesun.”

    “Hold on, he said it was too modern. Then they said the kitchen was dark and not open enough. OLD style IS dark and not open. They’re talking a load of s**t #APlaceInTheSun,” blasted a third.

    “Another pair of time-wasting a******s. #aplaceinthesun,” a fourth firmly put, with a fifth claiming: “Must put genuine house hunters off going on the programme! #aplaceinthesun.”

    Jasmine thought she’d pulled a contender out of the bag with a six-bedroom townhouse as her fifth property.

    But despite the two claiming it was a contender before reconvening with the property expert the following day, it too was ruled out.

    “We’ve really enjoyed looking around and learning more about the area,” Jane told Jasmine before she was quizzed on whether they’d be putting an offer in.

    When asked about property number five specifically, Steve revealed: “I think it’s on the backburner really.”

    Jane explained: “We did like that one, we could see a lot of potential. It’s a huge amount of space but it was really at the top of our budget.

    “We would need to think about ripping out walls and putting in a different kitchen,” she added before Steve weighed in: “We’re not ready for a big project.”

    Jasmine made her thoughts clear on the search, as she replied: “To be honest, I realised that there were a lot of compromises. 

    Published at Fri, 19 Feb 2021 16:04:00 +0000

    A Place in the Sun fans blast ‘time-wasting’ couple as Jasmine fails to land contender