Antiques Roadshow guest refuses offers for globe inside a walnut shell ‘No thank you!’


    In a recent episode of Antiques Roadshow, the show’s experts visited Ham House in Richmond-upon-Thames where they were presented with a plethora of treasures by guests eager to learn their worth. One guest on the BBC programme had a miniature globe that was placed inside a wooden walnut shell valued by antiques expert Hilary Kay. However, she ended up refusing Hilary’s offers following her “mad” valuation. 

    As she had the unique looking item in her hand, Hilary explained: “I am holding what looks like a walnut shell, a little bit larger than a walnut. 

    “It’s beautifully carved wood and it’s a walnut shell with a surprise because you open it up and the surprise is this tiny, tiny globe. 

    “It’s a fabulous object, how did it get to be in your position?”

    Her guest explained her grandfather bought it decades ago at a house sale and when he died it was passed onto her father who stored it in one of his cabinets. 

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    “Until I was older I was never really allowed to open the globe,” she explained. 

    “When I am turning it around in my hand there are some familiar countries on here and there are some unfamiliar names,” Hilary added. 

    As the camera zoomed in on the intricate miniature globe, Hilary asked her guest if she saw any strange names written over countries. 

    The guest revealed she noticed one of the counties on the globe was called New Holland which confused her initially.

    The expert revealed it was a “real rarity” to see a globe like the one she was presented with on the BBC programme which left her guest speechless. 

    The guest, who was still in shock about how uncommon the family heirloom was, said: “Wow, I wasn’t expecting that one.” 

    Hilary proceeded to tell her guest how much she thought the miniature globe inside a walnut shell would fetch at auction. 

    She exclaimed: “It’s in really good condition and I would say at auction I think we are talking between £4,000 and £5,000.”

    The guest replied: “That’s mad. No, thank you – just keep it, thank you.” 

    Hilary smiled: “I am so pleased you brought it and I hope it continues to give you lots of pleasure and your grandchildren and whoever comes after.” 

    The globe was likely made as a novelty item for English aristocrats interested in geography and astronomy. 

    Antiques Roadshow airs on BBC One on Sundays at 8pm and previous episodes can be streamed on BBC iPlayer. 

    Published at Sun, 06 Mar 2022 15:51:44 +0000

    Antiques Roadshow guest refuses offers for globe inside a walnut shell ‘No thank you!’