Apex Legends update 1.72: Event patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One


    Plenty is being planned for both those who are waiting to unlock new cosmetics and for those who are more focused on new Apex Legends content.

    Developers Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that gamers will be able to enjoy the Genesis Collection Event across several new and returning Apex experiences.

    And this time, fans can enjoy unlocking the legendary Charge Rifle and EVA-8 weapon skins, among other cosmetics.

    A message from Respawn explains: “You can earn 1,600 points per day and challenges refresh daily. There are also stretch challenges that reward four unique badges if you complete them during the event. All of these challenges also stack with your Battle Pass so that you can complete multiple at once.

    “And of course, Genesis also introduces a brand new set of 24 themed, limited-time cosmetics. All 24 items will be available through direct purchase (for Apex Coins or Crafting Metals) and in Genesis Event Apex Packs for the entire duration of the event. If you collect all 24 event items, you’ll unlock the Revenant Heirloom set.”

    But while the new Collection Event will be a big draw for some, many gamers will be waiting for the return of other maps.


    Respawn has confirmed that Season 0 Kings Canyon and Season 3 World’s Edge will be playable again later this week.

    However, its return is only for a limited time, and will be taking over the normal Trios and Duos queues in 1-hour rotations.

    Skull Town is being added to Arenas Mode, with Respawn telling fans this week: “This original Apex hotzone has seen a lot of combat through the years, but this is the first time we can say it hosts a fair fight.

    “Circle the towers as Valkyrie & Pathfinder or trap up the bottom floors as Caustic & Wattson. This location offers a wide variety of tactics and plenty of mayhem.

    “Skull Town will be added to the Arenas rotation in one-hour increments during the Genesis Collection Event. Get in there and break some bones.”


    The new Apex Legends update 1.72 is expected to be released at around 6pm BST, based on previous launches.

    However, Respawn is expected to announce exactly when the new content will be available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

    And that means it will be worth keeping an eye on the latest news being shared on Twitter and Reddit.




    • Increased Fire Rate from 6.25 -> 7.0 

    • Increased Base Ammo from 12 -> 14

    • Increased Lvl 1 Mag from 14 -> 16

    • Increased Lvl 2 Mag from 16 -> 18

    • Increased Lvl 3 and Lvl 4 Mag from 18 -> 21


    Dev Note: The Spitfire has continued to over perform so we’re hitting it’s close range hip fire accuracy which should help bring it in line.

    30-30 Repeater



    The figures below represent changes to the cost in materials to unlock or upgrade weapons, utilities, and Legend abilities in Arenas matches.

    Weapon Prices

    • P2020 Lvl 1 Upgrade: 50 -> 25

    • P2020 Lvl 2 Upgrade: 125 -> 75

    • P2020 Lvl 3 Upgrade: 200 -> 150

    • RE45: 250 -> 200

    • EVA: 250 -> 300

    • Mastiff: 500 -> 400

    • R99: 550 -> 500

    • Volt: 500 -> 550

    • Spitfire: 550 -> 600

    • L-Star: 400 -> 500

    • R301 Lvl 2 Upgrade: 300 -> 350

    • G7 Scout: 350 -> 400

    • G7 Scout Lvl 3 Upgrade: 250 -> 200

    • 30-30: 350 -> 400

    • 30-30 Lvl 3 Upgrade: 250 -> 200

    Utility Prices

    Legend Ability Prices

    • Crypto EMP: 600 -> 500

    • Crypto Drone: 100 -> 50

    • Revenant Death Totem: 600 -> 500

    • Lifeline DOC Drone 50 -> 75

    • Fuse Knuckle Cluster 150 -> 75

    • Bloodhound Ult 350 -> 450


    Legend Ability Adjustments

    • Pathfinder’s Grapple starting charges reduced to 2 charges from 3.

    • Pathfinder’s Zipline round cooldown increased from every round to every other round.

    • Rampart’s Sheila round cooldown reduced from every 3 rounds to every other round.

    • Wattson’s Interception Pylon round cooldown increased from every round to every other round.

    • Octane’s Launch Pad cooldown increased from every round to every other round.

    • Octane’s Stim starting charges reduced to 2 charges from 3.


    • From Round 3 and onward, you’ll now start with a shield battery in addition to 2 syringes and 2 shield cells.

    • Care packages will also land 5s earlier to make the contained weapons a more viable option before the round closes out.

    • 6x scope moved from base sniper weapons to Lvl 1 upgrade.


    Party Crasher

    Phase Runner

    • Raised cover height on certain props throughout the map to prevent unfair advantages to large rig Legends. 

    • Added a few trees to reduce the ease of spawn sniping (looking at you, Reptar…).


    • The UI for Purple devotion now shows the attached turbocharger. 

    • Players will no longer be chosen as Jump Masters during the legend select screen.

    • Updated the sniper stock to show an empty slot when needed.

    • Can no longer get stuck in the crouch position after dying while reviving a teammate during a round in Arenas.





    • Added VO for when your Ultimate is ready, or not ready.

      • When your Ultimate gets to 100%, you’ll be prompted to tell your team with new VO for each Legend.

      • At any point in time, you can ping your Ultimate icon (in your inventory) to show your teammate what percentage you’re at (in quickchat).

    • Added VO for when you enter a Replicator, so your teammates know you are crafting and won’t leave you behind! Probably.

    • Added VO for pinging a friendly Trident, in addition to the neutral and enemy states that already existed.

    • You can now turn off FOV scaling when certain abilities are used. Look in the options.

    • Reduced the frequency of Ring endings near out-of-bounds areas (like canyon walls or map edges).

    • Healing items will now play the entire healing sound when used by other players, instead of just the beginning and ending.

    • Muting players will now also mute text to speech.





    • Players can now see the number of grenades in the grenades stack when viewed on floor.

    • Fixed the 1P arm color on “Board to Death” to match the 3P view.

    • Fuse will no longer produce a third arm when ADS’ing and using the tactical at the same time.


    • Being struck by a direct hit of Fuse’s Knucklecluster will no longer cause Gibraltar’s Gun shield to take unnecessary damage.

    • Gibby’s Ultimate will no longer damage a friendly’s Horizon’s Ult.

    • Gun Shield will no longer take additional bleed through damage.


    • Horizon’s tactical will no longer ascend Caustic’s gas traps or Octane’s Jump pads to the heavens.

    • Fixed an issue with the appearance of Horizon’s teeth when using the “Golden Boson” skin.


    • Lifeline will no longer use Wraith’s animations while in the boxing ring.

    • Enemy Care packages will now have loot if the enemy Lifeline leaves the game before it lands.

    •  Fixed an issue that was preventing Lifeline’s tactical from functioning properly while in Caustic gas.


    • Completed another pass to prevent Loba from getting into unallowed areas.

    • Fixed an issue causing Loba’s tactical to improperly fail on the Phase Runner map in Arenas.

    • Fixed an issue that caused Loba’s tactical to be improperly disrupted by Horizon’s gravity lift.





    • Fixed a logic error when using Wraith’s Portal and Sheila at the same time.

    • Did a pass to allow more places to place Amped Walls on Olympus.

    • Fixed an audio issue with Rampart’s Tactical when in close quarters.

    • Fixed an issue with Sheila disappearing off of Rampart’s back if shot during an emote.

    • Players no longer fall under the ground when using Shelia on certain slopes.



    • Did an environment pass to prevent Valk from entering areas not meant to be entered.

    • Amped cover will no longer push players into geo if Skyward Dive is initiated near it.

    • Valkyrie’s Ult UI no longer remains on screen if observer switches to another POV.

    • First person view no longer obstructed when using a shield battery.

    • Fixed an issue with players not being able to cancel being hooked up to Valks Ult.


    • Wattson no longer uses Wraith’s animation in the boxing ring.

    • The Nessie that Watton leaves behind with her Epic emote should no longer fall over dead when using a Legendary skin.



    • Fixed a bug where players have to play one Ranked game after a Season or Split reset for the reset to fully take effect. Note that players who have not played a Ranked game recently before this update will still have to play one more game of Ranked with their RP changing before this bug is completely fixed. 

    • Matchmaking will be canceled if the party leader changes the playlist to a mode that a party member is not eligible for.

    • Fixed an issue preventing Switch users from scrolling through all their emotes while in handheld mode.

    • Resolved an issue that was sometimes slowing down controller players’ turn speeds when running at high FPS.

    • Addressed some audio issues with Phoenix Kits.

    • Entering the Fight Night ring on Olympus should no longer cause you to experience glitches with gunfire audio.

    • Solved a performance problem caused by having large numbers of friends via Steam and/or Origin.

    • Knocked legends can now open the inner door inside Explosive Holds as normal.

    • Your scope sight should no longer flicker when ADSing using the Bocek Bow while riding a Trident.

    • Similarly to the above, ADSing with the Bocek Bow while riding a zipline should no longer cause flickering.

    • Resolved an issue that was preventing ping VO from playing when at a distance from teammates.

    • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented players from joining a friend’s lobby when using the “join” button from the Friends tab.

    • Solved an issue that was preventing Respawn beacon audio from triggering properly.

    • Fixed some buttons with weird “hitboxes” in the Clubs tab.

    • Rejecting invites from the Clubs tab should now work as expected.

    • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented loot from appearing as expected in death boxes.

    • The consumables interface should no longer show up on the podium screen.

    • Resolved a rare bug that allowed you to use a Shield Battery even when shields were full.

    • Fixed an issue preventing some colorblind settings from appropriately changing the color of enemy HP bars.

    • Colorblind settings are now properly applied to trackers in the Legends tab.

    • Addressed an issue that sometimes caused the ring to become silent for recently-respawned players.

    • Solved a bug with “Death UI” being shown to players who reconnected early in the match.

    • The “random” music pack should no longer play default music on the match summary screen or the lobby.

    • Fixed some VFX issues with Legendary knockdown shields.

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    Apex Legends update 1.72: Event patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One


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