Beats Fit Pro review: Hitting the gym never sounded so good


Beats Fit Pro review

Beats Fit Pro review (Image: BEATS )

Beats is back with a new way to keep you entertained as you slog it out on the treadmill, or race around the local park. Its latest wireless earbuds, dubbed the Beats Fit Pro, were launched in the United States at the end of last year, but a few weeks late, they’re now landing in other parts of the world, including the UK. These premium music-makers, which cost a pretty hefty £199, landed in stores this week and feature a long battery life, easy connection to your phone, and a clever wingtip design that makes sure they stay firmly in place – no matter how intense your exercise regime might be.

So, if you are looking for some music to help you get in shape are these now the ultimate buds for fitness fanatics and should you run out this weekend and grab yourself a pair? has had the Beats Fit Pro lodged in our ears for the past few weeks and here’s our full review…


As soon as you’ve torn off the packaging, Beats has made things ludicrously simple to set up and get those favourite playlists started. Just open the lid of the charging case and hold it close to your iPhone for an instant connection – it’s as easy as that.

If you’re on Android, there’s sadly no access to Google’s Fast Pairing feature so you’ll need to download the Beats app first or link them manually using the Bluetooth menu. Since Apple bought Beats, that’s to be expected, but given that Apple offers a fully-fledged Apple Music streaming app on Android, surely they’d want those users to be able to connect to new earbuds without a headache?

Once you’re all linked up, the next thing you’ll need to do is find the right rubber tip for your ear. Beats supplies three different sizes with its Fit Pro buds so there shouldn’t be any issues finding the correct option.

Beats Fit Pro review

The Beats Fit Pro won’t budge no matter how hard you run (Image: BEATS)

Beats Fit Pro review

Beats Fit Pro review (Image: BEATS)

To help make sure things are snug, both iPhone and Android users can then run a quick “Eartip Fit Test” which reveals if the buds are providing the best seal. It’s important that you take the time to get things right as these Beats earbuds feature full Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology which simply isn’t as good if the tips aren’t fitting properly.

So, you’re all set up and ready to go and if you’re looking for music to help you power through a run on the treadmill or heart-pumping HIIT workout you’ll struggle to find much better.

Firstly the unique flexible wingtip design, which Beats boasts has been tested on thousands of ears to make sure it works, really does help these things stay firmly in place and during our daily exercise, we’ve never felt like they are about to fly out and go missing under the sofa.

Beats has also managed to create this secure and tight fit without making the Fit Pros uncomfortable. A comfy design is vital but if you’re buying some premium wireless earbuds you’ll also want them to sound good and Beats has that covered.

Beats Fit Pro review

The Beats Fit Pro are really easy to snap back into their charging case (Image: BEATS)

Beats Fit Pro review

The Beats Fit Pro offer a supreme level of comfort (Image: BEATS)

Pump up the music and you’ll find an experience that has plenty of bass without the audio becoming a little muddy. Music sounds crisp and clear and that all-important ANC we spoke about earlier means you’ll only hear your favourite music or podcasts and not the person next to you in the gym huffing and puffing away on the treadmill.

If you are worried about running outside and not hearing any impending dangers, you can switch on the Transparency Mode which instantly stops the ANC so you can tune into your surroundings as well as your music. Another nice feature of the Beats Fit Pro is that they feature Apple’s clever Spatial Audio function.

This maps out the sounds you’re hearing in the physical space around you. So, when you’re watching a movie or boxset on your iPhone and the character rushes to the left of the screen …so will their audio.

It works really well and certainly makes a boxset binge after your workout feel far more immersive. To help control music without reaching for your phone there are full touch controls on the side of each bud and these can be customised to suit your needs. Simple taps can skip tracks, pump up the volume, pause music and summon the Siri assistant.

Thanks to the Apple H1 chip inside there’s seamless switching between devices such as your iPhone and MacBook which ends the need to endless dig into the settings menu.

Beats Fit Pro review

The Beats Fit Pro can only be charged via a USB-C lead (Image: BEATS)

Beats Fit Pro review

The unique design gives them a snug fit (Image: BEATS)

Another nice bonus of these buds is battery life as you can squeeze around seven hours of usage out of a single charge. The case then offers a total of 27 hours without needing to go near a plug which is pretty impressive and they are compatible with USB-C cables which means Android users won’t need to splash out on an Apple Lightning lead.

There’s clearly plenty to love about the Beats Fit Pro but we do have some niggles. Firstly, that carry case can’t be charged wirelessly which we simply can’t understand especially as all rival buds at this price, including Apple AirPods, include this useful technology.

Second, the charging case also doesn’t feel well built at all – the lid is so flimsy you fear it could snap off in fingers. Given that Apple has a reputation for its premium hardware design, this is pretty disappointing. At £199, these earbuds aren’t cheap, so we’d hope the case feels at least as well built as the £119 AirPods, for example.

Despite that simple set-up on iPhone, Android owners do miss out on that instant connection and they also can’t advantage of other features such as easy switching between devices.

The Beats buds are certainly more user friendly for those without an iPhone in their pocket although we’d definitely say you get the best experience if you have Apple devices in your possession.

Beats Fit Pro review

Beats Fit Pro review: A solids pair of ANC-packed earbuds (Image: BEATS)


PROS: Great sound • Solid fit makes them ideal for the gym • Good battery life • Easy connection to Apple devices
CONS: No wireless charging • Android misses out on some features • £199 feels quite expensive

If you’re looking for some great-sounding earbuds to power through those endless hours in the gym, you really won’t find much better than the Beats Fit Pro. Not only do they offer some very impressive audio but they stick so firmly in your ears that even the most action-packed HIIT session won’t see them tumbling to the floor.

The ANC is excellent, battery life is good, and they offer a good level of customisation. There are a few missing features including that fast pairing for Android and lack of wireless charging – something that should be included considering that £199 price.

All in all the Beats Fit Pro are a solid purchase for fitness fanatics and we highly recommend them.

The Beats Fit Pro are available now in four colours — Black, White, Sage Grey and Stone Purple — for £199.99.

Published at Sun, 30 Jan 2022 10:00:00 +0000

Beats Fit Pro review: Hitting the gym never sounded so good


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