Ben Shephard gobsmacked as Tipping Point contestant wins £10k jackpot ‘Remarkable!’


    Ben Shephard and Tipping Point viewers were left in shock on today’s edition of the ITV quiz show when Antonio took home the £10,000 jackpot prize. Contestants who make it through to the final answer questions to get as many counters as possible to try and win the jackpot token. However, Antonio was forced to make the nerve-racking swap which luckily paid off. 

    Antonio took the lead in round one after winning the penalty pot and widened his lead in the next round. 

    He managed to get the jackpot counter onto the bottom shelf before running out of questions.

    Antonio bravely opted to swap the money he had accumulated for three more counters to try and win £10,000.

    On his second counter drop, Ben remarked: “One of the most remarkable trades we’ve ever had. Is it gonna go?”

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    “Antonio is going home with £10,00 and of course you’ve won your instant film camera,” Ben added.

    “Oh yeah I forgot about the camera,” Antonio remarked. 

    ITV viewers were thrilled for Antonio as one tweeted: “Brave Antonio. I wouldn’t have taken that trade #tippingpoint well done though mate.”

    “That was gripping #tippingpoint @benshephard,” another shared. 

    Published at Fri, 08 Jan 2021 18:10:00 +0000

    Ben Shephard gobsmacked as Tipping Point contestant wins £10k jackpot ‘Remarkable!’


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