Best BT Broadband Deals (April 2022) Get The Ultimate Discount On Your Internet Bill


Best BT broadband deals

Best BT broadband deals (Image: BT)

BT is one of the most widely-available internet providers across the UK. It offers a number of different deals, including bundles that combine broadband with its critically-acclaimed set-top box BT TV, “unbreakable” broadband dubbed BT Halo that uses EE’s 4G and 5G network as a backup, and more. There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to finding the best BT broadband deal in the UK, but that’s where this guide comes in. has rounded up the latest prices and discounts available from BT below. It’s worth remembering that these prices are only available to new customers, so you’ll need to be switching from a rival supplier, or setting up a connection in a new home, to access these prices. If you’re currently in-contract with BT, but want to drop the price of your subscription, we’ve got some more information on the best way to renegotiate further down this article.

Likewise, if you need more information on BT as a broadband provider, the sort of speeds that you need, and much more, scroll down for answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions. And if you want to see how BT compares against its closest competition, you should read our in-depth guide to the best broadband deals currently available in the UK

Best BT Broadband Deals (April 2022): Best Full-Fibre Deal

If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area that was recently upgraded to the latest full-fibre broadband connection by BT-owned Openreach, there is a phenomenal deal available from BT right now. BT Full Fibre 100 offers download speeds of 150Mbps, which is more than twice the average home broadband speed measured in the UK last year (70Mbps) and means you’ll be able to stream boxsets from Netflix in crisp 4K Ultra HD, listen to music from Spotify, answer video calls on WhatsApp, and more without a hint of buffering.

BT offers a speed guarantee of 100Mbps (still comfortably faster than the average home broadband speed) with this package. If your connection consistently falls below this threshold, you’ll be able to leave your 24-month contract without paying any early termination fees and try another provider. BT is also signed-up to a voluntary scheme from Ofcom that requires it to pay customers when they’re left without a connection – so you’ll get a payout if things really go awry too.

For a limited time, BT is offering a so-called Homebuyer’s Offer that drops the price of your new broadband deal in half for the first three months. As such, you’ll be able to enjoy 150Mbps download speeds for just £17.49 for your first few bills. That’s cheaper than any rival broadband package on the market right now.

And finally, Full Fibre 100 customers will be able to enjoy even faster download speeds for the first month of their new contract as BT will upgrade all new customers to its Full Fibre 500 package, which offers download speeds of 500Mbps (and a speed guarantee of at least 425Mbps). So, you’ll be able to enjoy speedier downloads for a full month without paying the usual £49.99 a month price tag for Full Fibre 500.

Best BT Broadband Deals (April 2022): Cheapest Broadband

If you’re looking to save as much money as possible with your next broadband package, look no further than the Full Fibre Essential plan. This unlocks download speeds of 36Mbps, which is about half the average home broadband speed in the UK, but it costs £26.99 a month – comfortably, the cheapest of all packages available from BT. Unfortunately, that price will rise after the first three months of your contract to £28.99 a month.

BT does include a speed guarantee of 18Mbps with this plan, which is enough to stream Netflix in the highest quality it offers (4K Ultra HD – the company recommends a minimum of 15Mbps to watch in this option) although it’s worth noting that there won’t be much bandwidth left for anything else, including scrolling through Facebook, sending messages via WhatsApp, making video calls, streaming music, or downloading an update to your PC or tablet in another room, for example.

For a limited time, BT has dropped the £19.99 postage and activation charge, so that’s an additional saving.

Best BT Broadband Deals (April 2022): Discount For Universal Credit Claimants

There are currently 4.2 million households eligible for so-called “Social Tariffs” designed for those who claim Universal Credit or other benefits. If you fall into this category, BT has one of the most well-rounded social tariffs available, which is much cheaper than its most affordable broadband plan and offers the same speeds. There are other advantages too: BT only requires a 12-month minimum contract term for Home Essentials bundle, which is half what you’ll need to sign-up for when buying one of its standard broadband bundles. BT will never charge an early exit fee if your circumstances change, so you don’t need to worry about agreeing to a year-long contract if your current circumstances are a little precarious.

So, if you live in one of the 4.2 million households eligible for a Social Tariff, we’d recommend signing up for BT’s Home Essentials plan. It includes average 36Mbps download speeds, upload speeds of 10Mbps, and 700 minutes of calls from the landline for just £15 a month. And you can walk away from the contract whenever you need. If you need a little more speed, BT offers the Home Essentials Fibre Plan, which boasts download speeds of 74Mbps, upload speeds of 20Mbps, and unlimited calls from the landline for £20 a month.

Why Choose BT Broadband?

BT is one of the UK’s best-known internet suppliers. The telecom company is behind Openreach, which installs and manages the broadband infrastructure nationwide that is used by rival internet providers, like Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet, Vodafone, Shell Energy, and EE, to name a few. If you can get any of these broadband companies in your street …then, you’ll be able to get connected by BT too.

Openreach is currently upgrading 75,000 homes every week to the latest broadband infrastructure. These full-fibre connections are more reliable and offer much faster download and upload speeds – up to 1,000Mbps (14x faster than the current average broadband speed in the UK). As it stands, more than six million homes can access these speeds. That’s a little underwhelming, by comparison, Virgin Media offers these next-generation download speeds to all of its 15.5 million customers nationwide and newcomers like Hyperoptic and Community Fibre already reach one million customers combined, despite establishing their own networks in the shadow of Openreach.

BT hopes to expand its full-fibre infrastructure to 25 million by December 2026. So, you should be able to upgrade to some of its fastest bundles – like Full Fibre 500 – in the coming years. 

Aside from speeds, BT has brought all of its call centres back to the UK. Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s consumer division, said: “We know how important providing a personal, and local, service is to our customers. We’re delivering on our commitment to answer all of our customer service calls in the UK and Ireland. We know our customers value speaking to someone who understands their issue down to the regional differences that make us so great as a country, whether that’s expert help with tech or chat about the local football team.” 

What Broadband Speeds Do You Really Need?

Not sure what BT speeds are best for you? Here’s a quick guide to what your home needs.

We’re all using our broadband more and more but not everyone needs blisteringly quick speeds. If you simply browse the web, send a few emails and watch the odd box set on Netflix then a standard 36Mbps connection should cope just fine.

However, if you have a busy home then you will definitely want something faster and it’s not just about quicker downloads.

Your broadband is a bit like a motorway – the more traffic that runs through it the slower it gets. So, if you have a busy house it’s best to get the fastest speeds you can afford to avoid annoying buffering.

Here’s how long it takes to download a full HD movie with different speeds on offer from the UK’s ISPs.

SPEED 36Mbps – DOWNLOAD TIME = 16 minutes

SPEED 76Mbps – DOWNLOAD TIME = 7 minutes

SPEED 150Mbps – DOWNLOAD TIME = 4 minutes

SPEED 300Mbps – DOWNLOAD TIME = 2 minutes

SPEED 1Gbps – DOWNLOAD TIME = 40 seconds


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Best BT Broadband Deals (April 2022) Get The Ultimate Discount On Your Internet Bill