Blockbuster VPN deal comes with a guaranteed freebie! Get discount before time runs out


If you haven’t marked the occasion in your calendar, it’s NordVPN’s birthday this month. The celebrated Virtual Private Network service, which recently topped our coveted list of the Best VPNs, has launched a blockbuster new sale to celebrate the date. New customers can secure an incredible 70% discount on the usual monthly subscription price, and better than that, you’re guaranteed to get a freebie. Yes, customers who sign-up as part of the birthday deal will get the chance to win extra subscription time. You’ll either unlock an extra one month, one year, or two year subscription time!

Is there a catch? Well, there is a tiny one. When you click on the link to the deal, NordVPN will start a countdown timer. If you spend too long umm-ing and errr-ing about the 70% off deal, you might miss out on the guaranteed freebie. In other words, if you’re looking for a killer VPN deal, add it to your basket sooner rather than later!

NordVPN kickstarted its latest offer yesterday, February 9, and it’ll run for an entire month.

With the clock ticking, if you’ve been thinking about subscribing to a Virtual Private Network for a little while now, this is a brilliant deal.

Slashing 70% off the two-year subscription drops the price to just £62 for 24-months. That equates to just £2.59 a month. For less than a cup of coffee from your local coffee shop chain, you can ensure that everything you do online is shielded from prying eyes. VPNs ensure that everything is encrypted, which prevents bad actors on the same Wi-Fi network from spying on what you’re doing. It also blocks your broadband supplier from keeping tabs on you.

VPNs can also be used to manually change your location, switching the IP address so that online services and websites are tricked into believing that you’re currently based in the United States, Japan, France, or dozens of other countries around the world. This can be used to unlock streaming services not available in your current location.

If you’re only planning to use your brand-new Virtual Private Network to access boxsets, movies, and sports fixtures not available to watch online in your location, then it might be worth checking out our breakdown of the Best VPNs For Streaming.

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Published at Thu, 10 Feb 2022 14:43:00 +0000

Blockbuster VPN deal comes with a guaranteed freebie! Get discount before time runs out


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