Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: AS VAL patch for Warzone on PS4 and Xbox One


Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: AS VAL patch for Warzone on PS4 and Xbox One

Good news for some COD Warzone gamers this week as Activision confirmed they had plans to update Modern Warfare. Fans have already seen a playlist patch go live, which didn’t do much except add Blood Money Quads to the game. But a much more significant update is being released soon that could affect Verdansk in a big way.

Fans have been noticing a playstyle that some have been enjoying thoroughly, while others have been left frustrated.

While some weapons can pierce through certain objects and low-level walls, it’s standard not to be able to down enemies through solid walls.

But this has become a lot more commonplace since the launch of Modern Warfare Season 6, mainly due to one gun.

The AS VAL, with the right configuration, can fire through walls and objects like no other gun, and this was hinted at in the official patch notes, which state:

“This rare Soviet assault rifle is chambered in subsonic 9x39mm ammunition and comes pre-equipped with an integral suppressor.

“Paired with the weapon’s high rate of fire, the AS-VAL is ideal for those seeking stealth and accuracy in a highly configurable weapon.”

But its power has become a notable issue for some gamers, who see it as a legitimised wall-hack.

Others say that it’s the most fun new weapon to be added to the game, and makes COD Warzone much more unpredictable.

Regardless of its fans, the AS VAL is being nerfed, and it looks like a new Modern Warfare patch will be arriving in the coming days.

It should be noted that no solid launch schedule has been offered, but the timing of the announcement would suggest something happening on Thursday or Friday.

A message from the Infinity Ward support team confirms: “We currently have a patch being tested that has weapon tuning for the AS VAL and SP-R 208. Pending any unforeseen issues, we’ll release it as soon as possible.”

It should be noted that another playlist patch went live today, but that doesn’t contain any changes to the AS VAL.

This was released to remove Bounty Contracts from the game due to a bug that is currently causing problems.

A message from Infinity Ward explains: “We’re investigating an issue where Bounty Contracts could be causing players to disconnect while in #Warzone. A playlist update is deploying now across all platforms to remove the Bounties while we investigate further.”

We don’t know how much the AS VAL will be nerfed, but it seems likely that it won’t be as effective firing through walls.

There are many gamers who enjoy the new setup and compare it to some of the other well-known strategies used in Warzone.

One gamer points out: “AS VAL is nice with snapshot grenades but, that can be easily beaten by Battle Hardened perk… Players run Ghost and Cold-Blooded against UAV, Thermal Scope etc. so why the fuss over AS VAL? You are gaining an advantage but, at the cost of a 10-mag.”

Others see the change in a more positive light, commenting online: “Thank you so much. I can’t stress how frustrating those two weapons are at the moment. You either get shot through a wall or one-shot body shot over and over by the SPR.

“To be honest, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the actual guns, it’s just they have such game-breaking bugs and exploits like the infinite wall bang on the 10 round mags for the AS VAL. The SPR, however, has a bug where the ADS speed is too fast because of the ammo.”

Published at Thu, 08 Oct 2020 00:01:00 +0000


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