Call of Duty Warzone update: New map release news and Cold War Zombies reveal


    New updates are coming to Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War, and we’re learning a little bit more about Activision plans.

    Things are expected to end with a Nuke event enveloping Verdansk, finishing with a new Warzone map.

    Before this happens, Zombies will spread across Verdansk, having recently reached the Prison.

    A Plague Mode is also expected to drop, providing a new limited-time experience that involves exfiling before a missile strike.

    But while we know a little about how Warzone Season 2 will end, we don’t know much about the new map.

    A series of small leaks have started to give us a better look, with the next Warzone map reportedly based in the Urals Mountains.

    And what we’re learning this week is that the new Warzone map is going to pull from some well-known Black Ops locations.

    The latest leak suggests that the Soviet Zoo will be a POI in the Ural Mountains, complete with empty exhibits and cages.

    This was part of a bigger leak which suggests that Zoo will also be a new Fireteam map coming to Cold War.

    Activision has not confirmed its plans for Warzone Season 3, and they haven’t shared much on what is coming next during Season 2.

    But they have revealed that a reckoning is coming to Verdansk, telling gamers last week:

    “We find ourselves in Season Two, where Verdansk is primed for a reckoning. It seems that after a year of smooth sailing, Warzone may have to prepare for a threat never before seen in Verdansk, and any Operators who wish to survive might need to save the celebration for another time and get back in the fight before it’s too late.”

    And when it comes to this week, gamers have confirmed that new changes are coming to Black Ops Cold War.

    These won’t be as big as adding zombies to a new area of Verdansk, but it will mean fresh content to experience in Cold War.

    The St. Patrick’s Stockpile event is going to revert back to something more normal, with Activision confirming:

    “At 10 AM PT on Thursday, March 18, the leprechauns will return over the rainbow and the mode will transform into the classic Stockpile from previous Black Ops games.

    “In Stockpile, players will bank a stash of dog tags from fallen enemies, carry them to the objective, and deposit them to score points for their team. First team to hit the score limit wins, but watch out – you’ll lose your stash if you’re eliminated!

    “Also debuting in Black Ops Cold War, Knife Fight 3v3 brings knives to a Gunfight… six of them, to be exact.

    “Two teams of three will fight to the death using Blueprint melee weapons in this insane new Gunfight mode, including the Machete, Wakizashi, Sledgehammer, E-Tool, and the trusty Knife.

    “Players will also be equipped with a Tomahawk and the Gung Ho Perk in every loadout to keep the action fast and frenetic.”

    Published at Tue, 16 Mar 2021 02:22:05 +0000

    Call of Duty Warzone update: New map release news and Cold War Zombies reveal


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