Camila Cabello suffers wardrobe malfunction on The One Show ‘Happens to the best of us!’


    Hosts Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas were quick to move on when a outfit error by the singer left viewers with an eyeful. Answering a question that a fan tweeted Camila busted a move and her top as her shift flapped open to “flash” viewers.

    Acknowledging what happened the star quickly put her ensemble back together and kept dancing.

    Guest Alan Carr threw his hands up to cover the shocked expression on his face after witnessing the wardrobe malfunction live before the watershed.

    At the end of the Show, Alex apologised to The One Show viewers.

    She said: “Sorry again for Camilla’s wardrobe malfunction, bless her it happens to the best of us.”

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    He asked: “Camilla, the fans can’t wait for your new music. We’ve got a question here from Mya on Twitter asking, ‘What is your favourite Bam Bam dance move?'”

    Jumping up to show her favourite step, she let out a disclaimer: “I actually just undid my pants as I had a family thing, and I have to make it easy for myself.”

    Implying that she had a big meal and wanted to feel comfortable, she went to flick her hair aside but, in doing so, flapped her top open to expose her chest momentarily.

    Shutting her top, like the true star she is, she simply kept dancing and apologised when she finished adding that she hoped she didn’t “flash” them all.

    Despite only lasting a split second, fans tweeted their shock with @Stormschaser commented: “While watching @BBCTheOneShow I think we all saw more of @Camila_Cabello than we bargained for. Alan Carr’s face was a picture #bbctheoneshow #TheOneShow #bbc #oops #reveal.”

    @VIC_Bright_eyes thought she couldn’t love the star anymore: “I just fell in love with @Camila_Cabello that little bit more (I said bit, not tit!) What a lovely lady, natural beauty with a lovely personality- refreshing to see !! So what if she flashed a nipple! #TheOneShow.” (sic)

    Fan @LouiseAlebree chimed in with: “How gorgeously down to earth was Camila. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people chose not to share pictures of her wardrobe malfunction out of respect? #TheOneShow.”

    The One Show airs weekdays on BBC One at 7pm.

    Published at Mon, 07 Mar 2022 19:44:00 +0000

    Camila Cabello suffers wardrobe malfunction on The One Show ‘Happens to the best of us!’