Chatting with YouTube sensation Carson Teagarden

Carson Teagarden
Carson Teagarden. Photo Courtesy of Carson Teagarden

YouTube sensation and fitness professional Carson Teagarden chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his latest endeavors.

American author, speaker, and leader John C. Maxwell once said: “Dreams don’t work  unless you do.” This quotation applies to Carson Teagarden.

“I am trying to figure out life now that I graduated,” he acknowledged.

At 18 years old, he has amassed over 281,000 followers on YouTube. “That feels good,” he said. “It has been crazy, I am trying to figure out how to get structured now that I don’t have high school anymore.”

On his daily motivations, he shared, “I started doing this when I was in sixth grade as a side hustle. Now, it is starting to do well. I love working out and I want to have a better physique. I want to make good videos for people and that motivates me. I am still trying to learn about this business.”

The digital age

On the biggest lesson that the digital age has taught him, Teagarden revealed, “I’ve learned a lot of good things about how to make money, and I also learned that I can get distracted by watching other videos and takes my energy and time away from me working on my own business. It’s a discipline issue. It has taught me that I need to be structured and disciplined.”

For people/hopefuls that wish to go into fitness, he said, “Honestly, just start. Put the work in every day, it feels your great to move your body and do things. You need to start griding to get better at it.”

In this video, Teagarden offers total beginners tips on how to start calisthenics.

He opened up about his 30 day cold plunge experience. “That wasn’t bad,” he admitted. “It went pretty good. I enjoyed it, and the people liked watching me do it. I did it right in the middle of winter. I want to do more challenges where I challenge my body for 30 days, and see what I can do. It was fun.”

Teagarden shared that the mobile game Flappy Bird is going great, and he hopes to do more with it. “It has definitely helped me as my influence,” he said. “It blew up on my Instagram with millions and millions of views. It would be awesome to keep making Flappy Birds.”

On his definition of success, Teagarden said, “I don’t necessarily care about money and riches. As a Christian, my worth is in Christ, and that’s who I want to focus on. I want someday to be able to support a family and to invest back in my business. Success is being able to continue to do this, comfortably.”

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