Country artist Alex Miller makes his Grand Ole Opry debut

Alex Miller and Eddie Montgomery
Alex Miller and Eddie Montgomery. Photo Credit: Straight South Imagery.

Country neo-traditionalist Alex Miller had made his Grand Ole Opry debut on Thursday, June 27, 2024. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the recap.

Miller fulfilled a lifelong dream with a magical two-song set. With his 1944 Martin D-18 in hand, Alex performed his hit “Puttin’ Up Hay” and his latest single release, the poignant “My Daddy’s Dad.” Miller made the most of his time on stage, engaging the audience with a lively between-song patter, thanking fans who traveled from multiple states and sharing a special moment with emcee Bill Cody.

“I think everyone who plays Country music dreams of playin’ the Opry,” Alex says. “For me, it’s been something my whole family hoped would come true one day. I wish my Grandpa had lived long enough to see me step into that circle, ‘cause I think I was floating in the air. It was a heck of a feeling – I know I’ll never forget it.”

Everything about this Opry debut has been special. Eddie Montgomery made a trip to Alex’s home in rural Lancaster, Kentucky to invite Miller to help celebrate Montgomery’s 15-year anniversary as an Opry member. As Eddie explained to Alex, “This is what Country music means to me … Helpin’ a young musician achieve his dreams just like our heroes helped T-Roy and me.”

To learn more about Alex Miller’s Grand Ole Opry experience, check out his website, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter (X), and YouTube.

His new EP, MY DADDY’S DAD (Billy Jam Records), is available across all streaming platforms by clicking here.