‘Doing a Piers Morgan’ Michael McIntyre threatens to quit The Wheel ‘I’m out of here’


    There are seven categories on The Wheel and three contestants are given the chance to eliminate all seven in order to win a large cash prize. Saturday night’s episode was certainly eventful as contestant Rachel was selected by The Wheel several times but also kicked out of the hot seat due to where the arrow landed. Michael McIntyre became so infuriated with The Wheel he threatened to “do a Piers Morgan” and quit hosting the show.

    As the contestants and celebrities failed to answer many of the questions correctly, it meant the person in the hot seat changed several times.

    Contestant Rachel was back in the hot seat almost immediately after losing one round and Michael insisted she couldn’t get another question wrong.

    Michael remarked: “Rachel, you keep getting picked. Let’s get these two categories removed.”

    She was given the option of wood or Japan for her next category to eliminate from the wheel and chose Japan.

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    Jonathan Ross was the expert on the subject so was lit up in gold while Rachel chose to put Rosie Jones in the red.

    Michael exclaimed: “Let’s hope we don’t land on Rosie, let’s land on Jonathan.

    “For this spin, I’m going to sit on the arrow just quietly praying for it to be Jonathan. I won’t open my eyes until it’s over. Spin The Wheel.”

    The celebrities screamed as the arrow landed on Rosie meaning Rachel was sent back to the contestant waiting area.

    “You can replace me with anyone you like, that’s me done if I see you. This is it for me. This could be the last time I host this show.”

    As Rosie insisted The Wheel would not land on her again, Michael reiterated: “I do not want to see you in approximately 26 seconds.

    “Spin The Wheel for what could be my time.”

    Fortunately, The Wheel landed on Jonathan who was an expert on Japan and he managed to help Rachel correctly answer her question.

    Published at Sat, 27 Nov 2021 21:28:00 +0000

    ‘Doing a Piers Morgan’ Michael McIntyre threatens to quit The Wheel ‘I’m out of here’