‘Don’t think it’s right’ Joanna Lumley savages The Crown over royal feud portrayals


    Joanna Lumley has been vocal about her views ondrama in the past, as the actress admitted she refuses to watch it. The Crown is a popular drama portraying a dramatised life of the Royal Family and the early reign of However, during an appearance on Saturday night’s The Jonathan Ross Show, the Absolutely Fabulous actress didn’t hold back when questioned by the ITV host about the series

    On the pre-recorded chat show, Joanna was also joined by TV presenter Holly Willoughby, Usain Bolt, Line of Duty star Shalom Brune-Franklin and actor Jamie Dornan.

    The comedian, who is a friend of Prince Charles, began by explaining to Jonathan that she sent a copy of her book to the Queen.

    Joanna began: “I sent her a copy of the book. I asked the aides of the palace, they said, ‘We’ll see that it’s placed before Her Majesty’.

    “I love the idea that it went in on a trolley and it was placed before Her Majesty, who might have even picked it up and looked at it with that lovely Andy Warhol image on the front.”

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    Joanna went on to add that she was taken aback when she got a message from the Queen thanking her for the book.

    When asked about the alleged division within the Royal Family and how they are portrayed in The Crown, the actress said: “I think we all look from the outside and we don’t actually know what’s going on on the inside – we second guess it.

    “And I think we all believe television shows that are made about them, like The Crown.

    “I don’t watch it because I know it’s made up… these are real people and suddenly they’re made up to be different people and I don’t think it’s right.”

    Discussing what the Queen is like as a person, Joanna continued: “She is down to earth.

    “A friend of mine who was a grand old painter, he painted the Queen several times… one day she was sitting for him and she said, ‘Do you think it’s cold in here?’.

    “She said, ‘I think it’s cold.’ She got on her knees, got some twigs… set a little fire going [in the hearth]. You kind of don’t imagine the Queen doing that.”

    On Sunday, Joanna spoke with Andrew Marr on his BBC show, about how The Crown has “damaged the Royal Family”.

    The host asked Joanna to share her thoughts on the drama, which is when she admitted she started watching season one.

    “In a funny way Andrew, I have met all the Royal Family,” she explained.

    “I’ve been lucky enough to have friendships with some of them. And I can’t bear the thought of people pretending to know what they say in private to each other, it seems a bit odd.

    “I’m sure it has damaged the Royal Family. Whatever they are saying and doing isn’t what happened. It’s not the truth.”

    The Jonathan Ross Show airs on Saturday at 10.05pm on ITV.

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    ‘Don’t think it’s right’ Joanna Lumley savages The Crown over royal feud portrayals