Dyson beware! Samsung reveals all about its ultimate vacuum and it could clean up


If you’re looking for a new vacuum to help get your home looking spick and span then Samsung is about to launch the ultimate Dyson rival. The Korean technology firm first announced its unique Bespoke Jet device back in January but now there are full details about all of its upcoming features and it certainly looks impressive.

Perhaps the most useful upgrade on this dust-busting device is its ability to clean itself after you’ve done the weekly chores.

Samsung says that owners will simply need to pop into its All-in-One Clean Station and it will do the rest.

That means all the dirt and grime is automatically removed without it going everywhere. That’s all thanks to unique Air Pulse technology that cleans out the dustbin while ensuring that fine dust and particles don’t escape back into your home with Samsung promising that the advanced filtration system will trap 99.999% of fine dust.

This docking station also refills the battery at the same time so it will be ready for your next cleaning session.

Along with that nifty new dock, the Bespoke Jet should be pretty good at making things shine with a powerful Digital Inverter Motor supplying up to 210W of suction power.

There’s also the option to change the head to Spray Spinning Sweeper which acts like a mop and there’s even a water jet that helps clear up any spills.

If you have cats and dogs then the optional Pet Tool’s brush attachment is another way to take the hassle out of cleaning pet fur. A rubber nozzle combined with bristles helps to pick up even thin, easy-to-miss pet hair from around the house.

Another bonus of this new vacuum is its lightweight design which should make it less of a strain when whizzing around your rooms.

For those really long sessions, you’ll find the Bespoke Jet lasts for around one hour on a single charge and the battery can be swapped if you haven’t quite finished.

There’s no word yet on a UK launch or price but it’s just become available to pre-order in the US for $899 (£679) although those who pre-order will get $200 off that RRP.

Speaking about its new vacuum, Hyesoon Yang, Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics said: “Cleanliness is now top of mind for consumers across the world, so we wanted to create a product that delivers more convenient and powerful features to keep users’ homes tidy to the end of cleaning.

“The Samsung Bespoke Jet not only delivers the power and performance needed to keep your floors clean, its beautiful design can also fit seamlessly into any room in your home.”

Published at Wed, 02 Mar 2022 07:13:00 +0000

Dyson beware! Samsung reveals all about its ultimate vacuum and it could clean up