EE v Three v Vodafone v O2 – Best SIM deals for Android and iPhone


If your iPhone or Android bill is making you wince then now could be a good time to switch to a new contract. As long as you are happy holding onto your current device there are loads of really good SIM-only deals with all the big networks offering plenty of data to munch through plus free calls and texts at some very reasonable prices. One firm is even throwing in a free gift including access to Disney+ for six months. So, if your current deal has ended and you want something cheaper then here are’s top SIM deals from EE, Vodafone, Three and O2.


EE has some of the best network coverage and fastest download speeds in the UK but that can also make joining pretty expensive. Luckily, EE is currently offering a SIM-only plan which includes a generous 150GB of data for just £20 per month.

This deal also includes free calls and texts plus the SIM is fully 5G ready. That means if your phone is compatible with this technology you’ll experience downloads in excess of 300Mbps.

If 150GB won’t cope with all your movie streaming then EE also has 200GB for £22 per month 


Three has been offering unlimited data for years and this popular SIM can still be grabbed right now.

In fact, thanks to an offer from Three the first six months are half price meaning you’ll pay just £10 per month – that’s a bargain considering there’s no cap on what can be downloaded.

Once that initial period is up, things increase to £20 for the rest of the 24-month contract.

Just like EE and Vodafone, this plan includes unlimited calls, texts plus there’s full 5G access.

If unlimited data sounds too much then Three also has 12GB of monthly data for £11 per month which is a £2 saving off the standard price.


O2 is matching EE and Vodafone with the UK network also dishing out 160GB of data for £20 per month.

However, there is one added bonus of joining O2 as you’ll also get six months of Disney+ access thrown in for free.

That means you can watch hours of Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar classics without it costing a penny.

Disney+ is usually priced at £7.99 per month so this is a very good deal.

This SIM also includes free calls, free texts and 5G access where available.

Published at Sat, 11 Dec 2021 09:03:00 +0000

EE v Three v Vodafone v O2 – Best SIM deals for Android and iPhone


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