Exciting GTA 6 reveal teased, Metroid Prime 4 surprise update, Persona 6 event


    GTA 6 is one of the most highly anticipated games on the horizon, with Rockstar Games at long last confirming development on the next Grand Theft Auto game is “well underway” earlier this month. Rockstar said they are looking forward to sharing more news when they’re ready, but it’s been speculated an update on GTA 6 could happen sooner than many people think. YouTuber TGG and Rockstar Intel journalist Ben T discussed this recently, with a conversation on Twitter pointing towards an update on GTA 6 potentially before Take Two hold a big investor’s call in May.

    And in the run-up to this one actor who is potentially involved in GTA 6 has told fans to “stay tuned” for news on the “special” project.

    As highlighted by GTA Forums admin Kirsty Cloud, one actor could have let slip some GTA 6 news.

    After the next Grand Theft Auto title was confirmed to be in development actor Guy A Fortt took to Twitter to write: “Exciting! Stay tuned something coming real special.

    “Yours truly! Stay tune for new GTA game. CAN’T WAIT”.

    This tweet has now been deleted, but not before Cloud took a screengrab of this post as well as noting a number of other interesting things.

    The GTA Forums admin also spotted that on Fortt’s online CV Grand Theft Auto 6 was mentioned.

    Once again, this reference to GTA 6 has now been removed – but Fortt’s resume was interesting as it noted Cali Moore potentially as the casting director for the new Grand Theft Auto.

    And Moore is one of the actresses in Red Dead.

    Moore asked the GTA Forums community if all of these connections seemed “a bit too off”, but members of the forum thought the admin was onto something.

    While Fortt was fairly tight-lipped, and his connection to GTA 6 hasn’t been confirmed, talk of a “real special” and “exciting” new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series will surely get fans who already have their excitement for the game at fever pitch even more hyped.

    Elsewhere, in other gaming rumour news it looks like Nintendo Switch fans could get an update on a long-awaited title.

    Metroid Prime 4 was one of the first few big name games announced for the Nintendo Switch, being revealed in 2017 which is the year the hit hybrid console first landed on shelves.

    However, the wait for the Samus’s next Prime adventure has been a long time coming – with Nintendo previously confirming initial work on the project had not met “the standards” they were looking for, and development was moving to Retro Studios – the makers of the original Prime trilogy.

    This news dropped in January 2019, but since then Switch fans haven’t heard a peep about the new Metroid Prime game.

    But this week Retro Studios raised hopes an update on Metroid Prime 4 could be inbound, with the devs changing their Twitter header to a photo of Metroid artwork.

    And the news has left fans hoping that this could be a sign that more news on the eagerly anticipated game, which was first announced at E3 2017, could at long last be coming.

    Last but not least, JRPG fans could have got an update on the Persona series.

    At the moment Persona makers Atlus are in the midst of celebrating the franchise’s 25th anniversary, with festivities beginning in September 2021 and lasting until autumn 2022.

    As part of the celebrations we’ve already found out that Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is heading to modern consoles.

    And there’s rumours that Atlus could have plenty more up its sleeves, with claims Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 Golden could also be making its way to current systems, and hopes that the anniversary festivities will all culminate in the reveal of the next mainline entry in the franchise – Persona 6.

    In the run-up to more news on the Persona 25th anniversary celebrations being confirmed, Atlus has launched a mysterious Soul Hackers website which is counting down to something happening on Monday February 21.

    However, ahead of the countdown timer running out Persona fans could have found out what will be announced.

    A new Twitter profile has been discovered while looks to be promoting something called the Persona 25th Festival on May 28 2022.

    The Soul Hackers website could be being used to confirm this event, which is where more details on what’s next for the Persona franchise may be revealed.

    New Persona games have previously been announced at high-profile Atlus events such as Persona concerts, so this upcoming Persona festival may be the perfect opportunity to reveal Persona 6 and details on other releases planned for the 25th anniversary.

    Published at Sun, 20 Feb 2022 08:01:00 +0000

    Exciting GTA 6 reveal teased, Metroid Prime 4 surprise update, Persona 6 event


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