Fast and Furious 9 post-credits scene: Is there an after-credits scene in Fast 9?


    Fast and Furious 9 continued the thrilling journey of Vin Diesel‘s Dominic Toretto and his uniquely skilled Family as they battled against a new threat in their world: Jakob Toretto (John Cena), the estranged brother of the Toretto family. The final moments of the film revealed Toretto and his team were happy and healthy as they dined on a BBQ at their iconic house. But is there one more scene to follow after that?

    Does Fast and Furious 9 have a post-credits scene?

    WARNING: Spoilers for Fast and Furious 9

    YES – there is a post-credits scene that occurs after the first batch of credits conclude.

    The scene shows a hooded Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) attacking a punching bag before stopping for a break.

    He then unzipped the bag and began interrogating the man he captured within it while asking about a flash drive and the blueprints it held.

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    In the final moments of the post-credits scene, Deckard received a knock on the door.

    When he opened it, he was faced with none other than Han Lue (Sung Kang) before the film cut to black.

    There are no more scenes after this one.

    Fans will recall that Deckard was the person who supposedly killed off Han in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, a fact that was revealed in Fast and Furious 6.

    Deckard killed him off as revenge against Dom, who had put Deckard’s brother, Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), in the hospital during the events of Fast and Furious 6.

    What do you think? Will Han get revenge on Deckard? Join the debate in the comments section here

    Sung recently revealed: “We’ll have explanations in Fast 9. Everybody loves Jason, so why not, right? I’ve got to include him, right?

    “Hey, if I can die 10 times, he can turn into a good guy from a bad guy. It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s a course correction for the audience.”

    He added: “Never dismiss and disrespect the audience. They are the reason why the movies exist, so you can’t just ignore them. It’s cool and great that a studio like Universal listens, they listen. That’s a course correction. That’s the justice.” (Via Screen Rant)

    The actor also recently spoke out about getting revenge of Deckard in future films.

    Sung said: “Well, I mean, all kidding aside, Han has lost his love and there’s revenge from his side.

    “He needs that. But the question is, how does a person or a man like Han enact his revenge? Is it by force or is it psychological? Is it emotional? What is it?

    “I think that’s what I’m looking for to is how is that face-off approached? Is it traditional?”

    Fast and Furious 9 is in cinemas now.

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    Fast and Furious 9 post-credits scene: Is there an after-credits scene in Fast 9?