Fortnite Lachlan skin and Pickaxe Frenzy event release date, time and how to WIN


    Fortnite Lachlan skin and Pickaxe Frenzy event release date, time and how to WIN

    Fortnite fans are counting down to the release of the Lachlan Icon Series skin in the item shop.

    The latest skin available as part of the Icon Series will be available to purchase on November 12 at 7pm EST. For fans in the UK, the Lachlan skin will go on sale at midnight on November 13.

    The Lachlan set contains a new Cosmetic Outfit modelled after the popular YouTube star, as well as new Back Bling, a Pickaxe, and Emote.

    There’s no word on how much the skin set will cost, although the Ninja Icon Series skin was priced at 1,500 V-Bucks, so expect something similar for Lachlan.

    There is, however, another way to obtain the Lachlan Icon Series set without spending any money at all.

    Epic Games is getting ready to hold the Lachlan Pickaxe Frenzy event on Sunday, November 8.

    According to the Pickaxe Frenzy tournament page, the event runs from 3pm until 5pm in the UK. There’s a chance this could be the European time, however, so UK fans might want to check in at 2pm GMT just to be safe.

    Times also vary by region, so check the Compete tab within the Fortnite menu screen for confirmation.

    Players can unlock the entire set for free based on where they finish on the leaderboard.

    In Europe, the cosmetic set will be rewarded to anybody who finishes within the top 1,000.

    Finishing so high up won’t be easy, however, because the Pickaxe Frenzy game mode has some interesting rules.

    Epic games explains more: “In this tournament you and your two friends will need to find different ways to be resourceful to earn the Victory Royale.

    “With only a pickaxe as your primary weapon, search for Rusty Cans, Impulse Grenades, Decoy Grenades and Supply Drops to protect your team and eliminate your opponents.

    “With no shields or healing items available, you’ll have to eliminate an opponent or Emote to regenerate health. One last thing: the building material cap is set to 10 per material, so make those builds count!”

    You’ll have two hours to complete ten matches, where you’ll need to rack up as many points as possible. You can see the scoring system below.

    Scoring System for Lachlan’s Pickaxe Frenzy event…


    • Victory Royale: 70 Points

    • 2nd: 56 Points

    • 3rd: 48 Points

    • 4th: 42 Points

    • 5th: 39 Points

    • 6th: 36 Points

    • 7th: 33 Points

    • 8th: 30 Points

    • 9th: 27 Points

    • 10th: 24 Points

    • 11th: 21 Points

    • 12th: 18 Points

    • 13th: 15 Points

    • 14th 12 Points

    • 15th: 9 Points

    • 16th: 6 Points

    • 17th: 3 Points

    • Each Elimination: 3 Points

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