Harry Potter theory ​says Dumbledore was NOT killed by Snape


    WARNING: This article contains full spoilers for the mainline Harry Potter film and book series.

    Fans of the Wizarding World will never forget the ​tear-jerking scenes featured in the sixth Harry Potter film and book – The Half-Blood Prince. The pivotal moment came when it was revealed Draco Malfoy had been chosen by Lord Voldemort to kill Professor Dumbledore​. To protect Harry, the headmaster cast a paralysing spell on ​him, leaving him unable to save his mentor. ​But at the last minute, however, Draco hesitated, prompting Snape to take over and deal the final blow – but did he?

    Superfans on Reddit have noted how the Wizarding World’s killing curse – Avada Kedavra – has a specific set of rules behind it.​ ​Reddit user newfriend999 ​pointed out that Avada Kedavra was taught in the Defence Against the Dark Arts class in a previous book by the ​imposter Alastor Moody.​ ​He explained the killing curse takes a “deep psychological commitment,” and that the students could not attempt to kill him even if they tried.

    The HP fan then explained how the curse that Snape fired at Dumbledore was not enough to kill him because he was not completely committed to the act.

    The haunting image of Dumbledore falling from the Hogwarts tower will of course stay with fans forever, but it could have even more of a meaning.

    The Reddit user paraphrased the book’s passage, writing: “Snape blasts Dumbledore with a bolt of green light. Harry screams, but the scream is silent. Dumbledore’s final spell continues to render Harry immobile, unable to move or speak.”​ ​They added: “Out of sight Dumbledore hits the ground and dies. Only then is Harry liberated. Dumbledore’s restraining spell broke when the headmaster’s life ended – at the bottom of the Astronomy Tower, not the top.”

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    The mystical Elder Wand belongs to whomever claims it in a duel.​ ​And shortly before Dumbledore’s murder, Draco was the person who disarmed the wizard from his legendary wand.

    Draco was later disarmed by Harry, making him the master of the weapon, and the eventual winner of the battle against Voldemort.​ ​This meant that, no matter what eventually killed Albus, his wand would have always gone to Harry.

    The story of the Elder Wand may continue in the near future, however.

    The Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play has long been rumoured to be arriving on the big screen.​ ​And recently Ron Weasley actor Rupert Grint revealed he would be up for returning.

    On if he would return, he said: “I can’t really think of a reason not to really, I love that character, I love that world. It’s a huge part of my life. I feel this kind of ownership of Ron in a weird way.”

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    Harry Potter theory ​says Dumbledore was NOT killed by Snape


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