High blood pressure: Powerful spice used in dishes could help reduce hypertension risk


or hypertension is a condition which can contribute to various heart ailments like heart attack, stroke and even kidney ailments. These are the reasons why it is extremely important to keep a check on your blood pressure and make sure that it is at normal levels. By adding a certain spice in your diet, you could help lower your readings and reduce hypertension risk.

Apart from regulating blood pressure, turmeric could also help in reducing damage caused by high blood pressure.

A common reason behind heart ailments is an accumulation of plaque in arteries.

Plaque narrows arteries and slows blood flow to the heart, brain, and various other body parts.

Having high blood pressure, in this case, causes further damage to tissues in arteries. LDL (or bad) cholesterol begins to deposit in arteries in the form of plaque in the walls of arteries.

Curcumin in turmeric can help in preventing further damage caused to arteries because of high blood pressure.

Turmeric is a key ingredient in curry powder and also has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine, said British Heart Foundation dietician Victoria Taylor.

She added: “The active ingredient is curcumin, which has been found to reduce inflammation and increase antioxidants.

“There has been some research into whether these properties could protect against heart disease or improve outcomes for people with coronary heart disease.

“However, although studies have had some positive results, these have not been consistent.”

Other ways to lower your readings

Blood Pressure UK explains: “Being active lowers your blood pressure by keeping your heart and blood vessels in good shape, lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke.”

According to the health body, one should focus on aerobic activities as these will help your heart and blood vessels most but avoid activities which put too much strain on your heart.

Aerobic exercises are repetitive and rhythmic movements which get your heart, lungs, blood vessels and muscles working.

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High blood pressure: Powerful spice used in dishes could help reduce hypertension risk


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