If Apple’s next iPhone looks this good, its Android rivals should be very afraid


There have been plenty of whispers in recent months that Apple is working hard on a new type of iPhone that’s like nothing it has launched before. This huge upgrade could feature a bendable design that will allow the aluminium chassis to fold in half making it much easier for a giant screen to squeeze into those very skinny jeans.

Of course, foldable phones aren’t anything new with firms including Samsung leading the charge when it comes to devices that feature flexible displays.

However, if Apple does release a foldable iPhone the firm is sure to generate huge amounts of hype around this technology and if it looks as good as some recent concepts posted online then all Android manufacturers might feel more than a little nervous about the future.

The latest images come courtesy of designer Antonio De Rosa who has released a series of photos showing exactly how the foldable iPhone Air could look. This new smartphone gets a sleek appearance with wafer-thin edges and a clamshell case that flips to help make it more pocket friendly when owners are not using it.

There’s also a triple camera on the rear case and a small screen will show notifications without needing to open up the device every time a call or text is made.

When the user does want a full-screen experience they simply open the case to see an expansive OLED display.

Rosa is also speculating that the iPhone Air will be waterproof and feature a totally portless case which means it can only be refilled wirelessly.

It looks stunning but sadly these are just concept renders for now and there’s no word on when, or even if, Apple will actually launch its first foldable phone.

Although a bendy device might not arrive this year one thing that is a little more certain is that Apple could hold an event next month where the US tech firm is expected to reveal a new budget iPhone SE device.

Mark Gurman, who has a good track record for getting Apple releases spot on, has revealed that an event is being planned inside the Californian company for early March with a low-cost smartphone looking likely to be top of the agenda.

In a post on Bloomberg, Gurman has revealed that Apple is planning a big reveal around Tuesday, March 8 – that’s just one month away.

It’s thought that the new iPhone SE will feature improved cameras, have more power under the hood courtesy of a better processor, and bring 5G data speeds to this entry-level phone for the very first time.

Published at Mon, 14 Feb 2022 08:22:00 +0000

If Apple’s next iPhone looks this good, its Android rivals should be very afraid


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