Indiana Jones 5: Lucasfilm ‘considering Young Indiana Jones reboot’


    After over a decade’s wait, Indiana Jones 5 is finally in production and set for release next year. Harrison Ford, who will be 80 when the blockbuster hits cinemas, is returning for what will be his final outing as the archaeologist adventurer. But now insiders claim that Disney and Lucasfilm are also considering rebooting Young Indiana Jones.

    The news comes from We Got This Covered’s Lucasfilm sources, who correctly predicted that Young Luke Skywalker would feature in The Mandalorian season 2.

    The insiders claim the studio are considering a reboot of sorts for the Young Indiana Jones TV show, to make the most of what they hope will be renewed interest in the franchise after Indiana Jones 5 hits cinemas in summer 2022.

    So what could this entail? Well, first of all, we need a little bit of background.

    Following the original Indiana Jones movie trilogy, a TV series called The Young Indiana Jone Chronicles was made during the early 1990s.

    After two seasons of 28 episodes and 4 TV movies, the show was cancelled due to lower than expected ratings on a huge budget.

    The series saw three actors play Indy at different stages of his life, starting with George Hall in the contemporary early 1990s setting as a 93-year-old version of the character.

    He would think back to his youth with Corey Carrier playing Indy as a boy and Sean Patrick Flanery in the starring role covering late teens and early twenties.

    Young Indy would get involved in historical events and meet real-life figures, with the primary focus being his service in the First World War, in which he fought in the Belgian Army.

    When Young Indy was partially re-released on VHS in chronological chapters, the latest outing in the timeline was Chapter 22: Hollywood Follies. This was before Chapter 23: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    Hollywood Follies was set in 1920, while Temple of Doom is in 1935, meaning those 15 years would be a great spot to cover with an actor playing Indy from 20-35-years-old.

    Perhaps Alden Ehrenreich, who played a younger version of Ford’s Han Solo, could take on the role?

    Aside from 1920-1935, there’s a 19-year gap in between the movies Last Crusade (1938) and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (1957) that’s up for grabs too.

    That period would include Indy’s service in World War II, although set photos for Indiana Jones 5 seem to feature flashbacks to that period.

    While Ford has been spotted dressed as his character with dots on his face for digital de-ageing.

    So maybe that period’s a bit less likely for a TV show, but we’d love to see Young Indy in his early archaeology adventures in the 1920s and early 1930s for sure.

    Indiana Jones 5 is set to hit cinemas on July 29, 2022.


    Published at Mon, 28 Jun 2021 08:58:00 +0000

    Indiana Jones 5: Lucasfilm ‘considering Young Indiana Jones reboot’