Johnny Depp: Amber Heard 'looking to join Harry Potter series after ex-husband exit'


    Over the past year, Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp has been involved in a court case against a British newspaper and his ex-wife, Amber Heard. The case revolved around claims he was a “wife-beater”, following some altercations with Heard. Shortly after this case began, Depp announced he had been asked by Warner Bros to step down from the ongoing Fantastic Beasts franchise, despite already filming scenes as Gellert Grindelwald in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts 3. Now, Heard is said to be joining the Harry Potter series – but is she replacing Depp?

    According to a “trusted and proven” source from website Giant Freakin Robot, Heard is looking for a role in a Harry Potter feature film.

    The original Harry Potter series came to an end in 2011 with the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

    Since then, the Fantastic Beasts series has taken over as Warner Bros’ flagship HP film franchise.

    The website could not confirm what feature Heard is actively angling to join, but adds that her interest has sparked since her ex-husband was forced to bow out of it.

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    The website wrote: “It looks like the actress has her eyes set on some kind of role in the ongoing franchise but did not want to be a part of it while Depp was still in the picture.”

    Of course, this news should be taken with a grain of salt, but there are some redeeming qualities to the rumour.

    Heard has been showing off her physical training on Instagram, which she has been partaking in for the upcoming Aquaman sequel, Aquaman 2, as Mera.

    The Aquaman film series is owned by Warner Bros, so it would not be a stretch to assume she could begin work on the Harry Potter series seamlessly.

    Mikkelsen recently opened up on replacing Depp in the iconic villainous role.

    The Marvel star revealed: “So we have done a few bridges that will allow us to recognise [the change in actor], but we’ve also said we have to make it our own.”

    The James Bond star added: “I have been a fan of Johnny Depp since I saw him as a young man.

    “To try to bring his intensity and his way of doing it into my work is a no-go.”

    Mikkelsen went on: “I have to find my own, because his is unique, and I just have to let that be, and find a different path.”

    He also revealed the film has wrapped, revealing: “Obviously I have only been part of it for half the time that the rest of the gang has. It was a lovely experience.

    “I think they had a really great script; a great, solid story. So if that is anything to measure on, I think the film will be… you know, as magical as it has to be, with all the wonderful creatures, but also quite beautiful. There are some really interesting, heartbreaking stories in there. And, hopefully, that will come across.”

    The Harry Potter franchise is available on NOW.

    Fantastic Beasts 3 is due out on July 15, 2022.


    Published at Thu, 20 May 2021 13:58:59 +0000

    Johnny Depp: Amber Heard 'looking to join Harry Potter series after ex-husband exit'


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