Josh Seiter became a pop culture sensation by blazing his own path

Josh Seiter
Josh Seiter. Photo Courtesy of Josh Seiter

Josh Seiter of “The Bachelorette” became a pop culture sensation simply by blazing his own path with mental health awareness at the forefront. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

It is undeniable that he has created a name for himself in the space of reality television stars. Seiter is proud that he has pursued things that were important to him such as mental health awareness and body positivity, instead of just following what most people are doing on social media (such as posting photoshopped or airbrushed photos and selfies of themselves).

He has blazed his own path by being truly authentic. Although he was eliminated on “The Bachelorette eight years ago, and what people thought that would be the “end” for him, in hindsight, it was simply the beginning.

“I don’t think anyone would have guessed that eight years later I would be in the news and media outlets nearly every day. It has been an organic growth since I haven’t been associated with a network or television show since 2015, but it’s made my rise online all that much more fulfilling. My name alone is what’s making headlines, not a television show I’m associated with. That’s something I’m proud of,” he explained.

Presently, Seiter is focused on his fitness journey. He has lost 50 pounds over the last two years, and he is in the best of his life, health-wise, at the ripe age of 35.

His goal is to continue developing his physical health and combine that with his mental health exercises. “If happiness is the end goal of anything we do in life, then I strongly believe it has to be a holistic approach. My mental and physical health will always come before anything else, even making money,” he said.

Particularly impressive about Seiter is that his social media following did not come from being on reality TV. It actually came two to three years ago about consistently posting about his anxiety and depression on his Instagram page, and his fans and followers took notice. He was doing this at a time when talking about mental health issues wasn’t popular, or in vogue. He calls his fans and followers his “Warriors” because a lot of them battle mental health issues just like himself. He is a firm believer that is the reason why a majority of his followers are so loyal and dedicated to him compared to other followers and social influencers. 

His work in the mental health sector has gained acknowledgement and recognition, especially in the media. That is something that Seiter takes great pride in. He is glad that some of the attention that was previously focused only on his dating life is actually going to the work that he is doing in the field of mental health advocacy and suicide prevention. “It’s important that people see mental health represented in the mainstream media. That kind of representation will chip away at the remaining stigma surrounding the mental health dialogue, and that’s a great thing,” Seiter underscored.

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