Kristos Andrews talks about Season 7 of ‘The Bay’

Kristos Andrews in 'The Bay'
Kristos Andrews in 'The Bay.' Photo Courtesy of LANY Entertainment

11-time Daytime Emmy winner Kristos Andrews is a force of nature. He chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about Season 7 of “The Bay.” 

The show is available on Demand on Tubi, the ad-supported streaming service owned by Fox, with more streaming platforms to follow. The prior seasons of “The Bay” are available on Tubi, Popstar! TV, Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, the Roku Channel in the US, and Ten Play in Australia.

“You can expect a firm grip on your heartstrings and perhaps some reflexes twitching away a few times thanks to the danger and thrills incorporated. Some strong material to get invested in. Enjoy the ride,” Andrews told viewers and fans of “The Bay” abouts its seventh season.

On reprising both roles, the benevolent twin Pete Garrett and the diabolical twin Adam Kenway, Andrews said, “It’s a psychological marathon; pivoting from one role to the other and gives my mind and energy such an anomalous workout.  I’m grateful Gregori J. Martin and Wendy Riche have given me such potent material to work with.”

‘The Bay’ 

He praised his acting partner, Emmy winner Karrueche Tran for her acting work this season. “I feel like there is a lot of pulling out of each other that happens, which is in the moment and magical,” he said. 

“The scenes Karrueche and I had in the bedroom were nice and intense,” he admitted. 

He is thrilled that the show is now available for streaming on Tubi. “The move to Tubi feels good, it’s a great company and a great platform to be welcomed to. I am happy to be working together. So far, it has been amazing, and it will probably only get better with time,” Andrews said. 

Andrews noted that the barrel drowning scene that Emmy winner Eric Nelsen had to go through in Season 7 of “The Bay” was “intense.”  

He is stoked that executive producer Precious Mayes made her acting debut in Season 7 of “The Bay” in the role of Dr. Belinda Kenway. “Precious is a pleasure to work with. I love her character too. I love watching her, she is great. We have a good synergy together and it feels really happy when we work together,” he said. 


On his daily motivations as an actor, Andrews said, “I feel motivated by staying connected with loved ones, family, friends, dreaming up goals, taking action, and just continuing forward in the walk through the journey of life; there’s always something to learn through every experience.  Life experience invigorates my work, and vice versa.” 

‘Murder, Anyone?’ 

He shared that doing the film “Murder, Anyone?” was a “very good” experience. “It was an honor to be a part of it because director James Cullen Bressack is paying tribute to his dad. I thought it was a brilliant thing to bring that play which pokes jest at filmmaking basically in a multi-dimensional way, and he brought that to the screen, which gave it an additional layer. There was a lot of play with and a lot of magic in the moment. He gave me liberty in my character(s), which worked out,” he said. 

“It was great,” he exclaimed. “Very special, and so much fun.  It switched gears several times throughout and embracing each various setting as well as each different version of my role was such a blast. I’m proud of James Cullen Bressack for making a great movie as well as having done a great honor for his father. The cast each were so great to work with and it was a great kick of a movie.” 

‘Samantha’s Friends’ 

This May, he will be attending the “Samantha’s Friends” fundraiser in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, for the first time, which benefits the Southeastern Guide Dogs, as well as other charities. “That is going to be my first time. It seems fun, and a beautiful charity,” he said. “Dogs are absolutely amazing, and guide dogs are on a further level of amazing.” 

“It is pretty cool. I really respect the organization and it will be an honor to be a part of this event,” he admitted. “I love that Samantha and her family and friends really create a warm and mutually supportive environment for those who suffer from significant disability; physically, mentally and/ or from their courage during military service. There’s a lot in life so many people end up taking for granted, and it’s important we stay cognizant of the huge sacrifices people have made, and the fact that those who live with more challenging circumstances than most, still keep such a beautiful appreciation towards life. I highly respect that, and I feel honored to support it. Plus, the service canines are a great touch; can’t go wrong with the pups.”

‘Breakout’ movie

He noted that the movie “Breakout” was such an “awesome ride.”  “A lot of action and thrills driven by a dance in the mind and at heart.  Beyond my character’s rough ways, processing out his anger, we get to dice into his psychology and ultimately feel the pure heart he never gave up on,” he said.

“It was great doing some very emotionally charged scenes with Louis Mandylor, Brian Krause and the rest of the great cast in this awesome action movie.  This is also officially Tom Sizemore’s first posthumous movie release.  I’ve done two movies with Tom, and he always brought such joy to the set and to his work.  Terribly sad to see him go, so suddenly and too soon.  I’m so honored to have gotten to collaborate with him and get to know him while he was here,” he said.

Favorite mottos to live by

On his favorite mottos to live by, Andrews shared, “The Golden Rule of course; “treat others the way you’d like to be treated.”  “This too shall pass.”  “Learning by doing”  and “Failure paves the road to success, which I kind of made up. Point being, we learn by trial and error; not by sitting around and waiting for the right moment to take action.” 

Harp album 

Andrews also complimented his father’s Gary Drum’s latest harp album “Spiritus Infinitum — Moving Upward.”  

“I loved the music my dad makes. His music just brings you peace. The electro acoustic harp is interesting. He has always the harp like the Greek god Apollo. It is such a trip watching him play this big instrument as a kid. He would play the guitar too, but I feel like the harp is the original guitar. The lyre is the godliest instrument, it is the gods’ version of the guitar,” he said. 

“My father loved Greece, and he would go to Delphi and visit all the Greek islands. Odysseus is such a legend from the ‘Iliad’ and the ‘Odyssey’,” he added. 

Closing thoughts on Season 7 of ‘The Bay’

“Season 7 takes place both in Bay City and in beautiful Puerto Rico,” he said. “The juxtaposition of what peril unfolds while in a paradisiacal land is a bittersweet irony that so far, viewers are loving. I feel that everyone gives their A-game in delivering some very juicy and mind-bending material.  As far as takeaways to get out of watching, I’d like viewers to garner a stronger visceral understanding about the fact that no matter how badly the odds are stacked, if your love holds strong, then nothing can stop you,” he concluded about “The Bay.”  

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