Louise Minchin apologises as she bursts into tears on BBC Breakfast ‘I’m so sorry’


    Louise Minchin and Jon Kay returned to BBC Breakfast this morning to share a heartwarming Christmas message with viewers from a care home in Somerset. The staff had locked themselves away in the care home for three months during the pandemic to keep those that live there safe, and the touching tribute residents’ families paid to the staff left Louise in tears. 

    BBC Breakfast introduced the families to choirmaster Daniel McDwyer who formed a secret Christmas choir with the help of the care home owner Christopher Dando. 

    Louise explained: “We’ve had to make lots of sacrifices this year to keep our loved ones safe including staff at a care home in Somerset.

    “You might remember they locked themselves inside for three months to protect their residents.”

    “Well now the families of those who live there want to thank the staff in time for Christmas,” Jon continued.

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    “And with a bit of BBC Breakfast magic, we’ve been able to help with something of a surprise.”

    All of the staff made huge sacrifices to keep the care home residents safe including owner Chris who was separated from his wife and four-year-old daughter.

    In July, staff were reunited with their families while the residents finally got to see their loved ones again but resisted breaking social distancing regulations with a vaccine on the horizon. 

    The families of both the staff and residents joined forces for a heartwarming surprise as they formed the Court House Christmas choir. 

    “I’ve gone very early, it’s six thirty, I’m sorry if you’re crying as well. But that’s just how this year’s been.”

    “Was it Kate in the film who said that her son will be saying, ‘Stop the waterworks mother,’ stop the waterworks, Louise,” Jon teased. 

    “That was really powerful, wasn’t it? What an amazing thing for them to do. I wonder how many times they’ll be replaying that over Christmas.”

    Wiping tears away, Louise said: “I’ll be alright,” before continuing with the show.

    On the touching message, care home manager Julie White said: “This really made me cry and made me realise just how different this year is.

    “It really hit home for me as much as we’ve done everything we can. It’s not the same not having our families in and the Christmas atmosphere.”

    Kitchen assistant, Anne-Marie Walker added: “[My husband’s] been in Switzerland and he has been all this year. 

    “He’s come over for two weeks this entire year with my youngest Andy on holiday and then he went back and I haven’t seen him since.

    “I’m just going to repay that moment because it meant so much to me and keep in my mind that one day I will see him again.”

    BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC one at 6am.

    Published at Wed, 23 Dec 2020 07:47:00 +0000

    Louise Minchin apologises as she bursts into tears on BBC Breakfast ‘I’m so sorry’


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