Mario Lopez and Courtney Lopez give us a glimpse into their new Great American Family movie

Mario and Courtney Lopez
Mario and Courtney Lopez. Photo Courtesy of Great American Family .

Mario Lopez (“Access Hollywood”) and his wife, Courtney Lopez, give us a first glimpse into their forthcoming Great American Family movie. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

As True Hollywood Talk previously reported, production is underway on “My Grown-Up Christmas Wish,” which stars Mario Lopez (“Access Hollywood” and “Saved by the Bell”) and his wife, Broadway star Courtney Lopez (“A Chorus Line”).

“I really wanted my family to be involved in my first film for Great American Family,” Lopez said while on set on the production of “My Grown-Up Christmas Wish.”

“I was honored to have them be in the film with me, and they have been doing an awesome job,” he noted. “It has been coming together great,” he said.

“The Great American Christmas workshop is in full swing,” Lopez acknowledged.

The synopsis is: Mayor Brian Ortega (played by Mario Lopez) is well-respected in the idyllic community of Long Grove. While decorating for Christmas with the residents, Brian discovers his childhood Christmas wish list which magically begins to come true, reminding Brian about the spirit and joy of the holiday.

Returning to town for Christmas is his childhood friend Nina Meyers (Courtney Lopez), and soon a connection becomes undeniable as she helps Brian face a new challenge for the town.

As Brian’s wishes come true, he inspires the town to showcase its warm culture and values in order to stop the modern world from stifling the charm and heart of Long Grove.

Mark Roberts, Jeff Stearns, and Jemma Jones serve as executive producers of “My Grown-Up Christmas Wish.” This holiday movie was directed by Brian Herzlinger from an original script by Brian and Megan Herzlinger.

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