Michael Jackson son: Will Blanket Jackson follow in his father’s footsteps? ‘Possibility’


Michael Jackson son: Will Blanket Jackson follow in his father’s footsteps? ‘Possibility’

Michael Jackson was from a showbiz family, with all of his siblings singing, dancing and performing incredibly well. They even became The Jackson 5, and later The Jacksons, and performed as a family band. Could Michael’s youngest son Blanket perhaps be next in line?

According to an unearthed interview with Michael’s brother Tito, Blanket may be the next Jackson to make it big in the pop world.

He told The Sun in 2017: “Blanket has a good possibility of being a musician, he would be tremendous because he’s a very committed child.”

With this being said, other sources have suggested Blanket, who now goes as Bigi, is a quieter child than his sister Paris, who performs in her band The Soundflowers with her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn.

At one point, some of his relatives even expressed concern about his quietness, which they thought was a result of the Leaving Neverland documentary coming out.

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His cousin Taj said of Blanket in 2019 on Victoria Derbyshire: “Biji is the most talkative kid at school and he isn’t talking anymore.”

Taj added on the show: “We’re all worried about him.”

Mark Lester, Bigi’s godfather, shared these concerns, telling The Sun: “They try and shield him from the outside world, which may not be such a good thing.

“Shield them from certain things, certainly, but to keep him isolated is not right.”

While Bigi could be a huge musical talent, it may be that he is not destined for the limelight.

Speaking about his siblings, Prince, the oldest son of Michael, told Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning: “We’re very close, that unconventional upbringing only tightened our bond as siblings.

“Siblings are tight no matter what but the way we grew up and interact with each other, there’s an unspoken bond and we can almost read each other’s body language and minds…

“My sister is really focused on her career and her music, I’m so proud of her and all the strides she’s making.


“My brother – every time I talk to him I’m impressed with how intelligent he is and the way he words his sentences… it’s always about working together and how we can collaborate and push each other up and make each other better.”

Prince did not reveal whether Bigi is the musician his uncle believes him to be, however, he did speak on his sister’s talents.

He revealed he has worked with Paris on her music, directing her first big music video.

He continued: “We just produced her first music video and her entrance into the entertainment industry.

“I’m very proud of her – it was such an experience to work with my sister and a gruelling four days.

“Most music videos are not filmed in the way we did but we were inspired by my father’s long-form music videos or short film music videos.

“It was such a learning experience and I was so proud to see my sister’s art come to life and I was so proud to be a partner of that.”

On whether his father would be proud of them, Prince added: “I like to think he’d be very proud of the milestones we’ve made both individually and collectively as siblings.

“But at the same time, he was always pushing us to be better and do better in all aspects of our lives… He would be proud but he’d want us to be laser-focused on the next steps of our lives.”

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