Morbius: Bad news for Marvel fans after first reviews arrive


    Jared Leto takes on the mantle of the living vampire Morbius in next month’s newest Sony movie using a Marvel property. In recent years fans of the MCU have witnessed Tom Hardy play one of Spider-Man‘s antihero foes, Venom, to a staggering success – and Morbius is the latest addition to this franchise. But the reviews are already staggeringly bad.

    Marvel fans have been sent into a frenzy over the past few days following a tweet sent from Brandon Matthews, the Film/TV Editor from Geeks Worldwide. The critic gave a glimpse into how Morbius might be received by other members of the press.

    He wrote on Twitter: “Heard from several journalists who’ve seen the film already (junket purposes) that it’s boring and uncalculated. No consistency, except that it’s bad.”

    Of course, this information should be taken with a grain of salt, but chances are Morbius may be due to receive some harsh criticism before it is released. However, not all of Matthews’ information was harsh. There were some good points to his Twitter review.

    Matthews teased fans with some good parts of the film as well. He wrote: “Good moment here and there, and 2-3 easter eggs, but otherwise, just watch it when it gets home. #Morbius.” (sic)

    He later added: “Honestly expecting that it’ll be 60-80 percent on the RT scale, give/take 5, because it’ll be ok. It’s uncalculated, but the Marvel easter eggs will probably be just enough for Marvel critics to enjoy it a little bit.”

    Making comparisons to other Marvel titles, he said: “That’s kind of how Venom 2 and a lot of the X-Men franchise rolled.” (sic)

    With this reception, Morbius could be on track to get the same reception as Venom did when it was first released in 2018.

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    Over the weekend the Morbius director revealed that almost anything is possible for the future of the Morbius franchise.

    Daniel Espinosa said: “I mean, in almost all Spider-Verse or, you know, the [universes] that existed in the Marvel universe, if you read the comic books, the whole idea of that kind of – the Marvel string theory, if you would call it that. It’s very related to, if you remember, the alternative Seinfelds. You have a world where you have the same characters, and it’s ALL of the characters, but they are slightly different. So in almost all verses, you have Spider-Man, or a Fantastic Four, or a Tony Stark, or a Morbius. But they will be different in tone.” (Via Cinema Blend)

    This isn’t such a farfetched idea considering the release of the latest Spider-Man movie.

    During the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, two other Peter Parkers were launched into the MCU for the first time. What’s more, their villains – including Venom – were given their MCU debut, meaning that Morbius is somehow connected to the original three Peter Parkers. Will fans see Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield in the upcoming vampire movie? Or will they simply be left confused by the ever-sprawling timelines?

    Morbius hits cinemas on April 1, 2022.


    Published at Mon, 21 Mar 2022 10:55:00 +0000

    Morbius: Bad news for Marvel fans after first reviews arrive