New Amsterdam delayed: NBC medical drama set for lengthy hiatus in schedule shake-up


    Season four of New Amsterdam came to a halt last month with the shocking split of Leyla Shinwari (played by Shiva Kalaiselvan) and Dr. Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery). NBC viewers have now been waiting for nearly a month for the popular medical drama to continue, but sadly there won’t be a new episode of the series until 2022.

    Fans will have to wait until the beginning of January to see the continuation of New Amsterdam season four.

    The midseason finale, Death is the Rule. Life is the Exception, aired three weeks ago after the latest instalment got started in September.

    Thankfully, New Amsterdam has overcome the restraints of the pandemic, and viewers have enjoyed two separate seasons within the same year.

    Unfortunately, after a reduced third instalment, the drama has returned to its usual format and will be taking a lengthy break over the holidays.

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    The series has definitely taken a surprising new direction, but fans were thankful their theories of a last minute change of heart didn’t come to fruition.

    Meanwhile, tensions are running high back at the hospital after 10 patients died due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

    Plus, the future of the series has started to take shape after Dr. Lyn Malvo (Frances Turner) made the surprise announcement that she was pregnant.

    During the hiatus, NBC have released synopses of all their shows returning up to January 2.

    New Amsterdam has remained conspicuously off this list up to this point.

    However, as the latest season kickstarts again on January 4, it’s hoped some new details will emerge in the next few days to tide viewers over.

    Until then, fans can only buckle up over the holiday period until the long three week’s wait for episode 11 comes to an end.

    New Amsterdam season four continues Tuesday, January 4 on NBC.

    Published at Thu, 16 Dec 2021 01:01:00 +0000

    New Amsterdam delayed: NBC medical drama set for lengthy hiatus in schedule shake-up


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