Nick Theurer talks about being an entrepreneur in the digital age

Nick Theurer
Nick Theurer. Photo Credit: Cameron Radicé.

Nick Theurer, founder of Gluco-Pro Protein, chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his new protein brand, and being a part of the digital age.

Theurer has been a Type 1 diabetic since 2000. Theurer has been an active participant in clinical studies and research with leading endocrinologists.

As an avid fitness enthusiast and personal trainer, Nick struggled firsthand with finding healthy protein supplements that didn’t disrupt his A1C hemoglobin.

So, he set his goals on creating a product to not only help himself, but anyone looking to supplement their protein intake while maintaining stable blood glucose levels. “I’m starting a protein company, and this year has been going great so far,” he exclaimed.

“It was probably a year and a half ago,” he said about the idea to start this company. “My co-founder Matt Cassels and I were going to the gym hardcore, where we were trying to get into our summer bodies. As a diabetic, I was taking a protein that was messing with my blood sugar. That’s when we decided to search the web, we didn’t find anything, so we decided to make our own. I tasted it and I’ve done all the product testing on myself… it works. It’s the best protein that I’ve ever used as far as leveling up my blood sugar. It’s something new for the market. I think people will really appreciate it.”

“We did one year of intense research, as well as beta testing in finding the best ingredients. We ended up with 11 different vitamins and additives that help balance out the blood sugar levels, and so far, so good,” Theurer said.

“Honestly, it is good for everyone, even for people who are not diabetics,” Theurer admitted. “It can help people with cardiovascular issues and kidney issues. Even as a non-diabetic, your blood sugar tends to dip after a workout because it’s the body’s natural response.”

“This is meant to help regulate everybody’s body, so you feel full and healthy. Also, you don’t have the low blood sugar crash where you feel weak and tired after a workout. So, it’s good across the board. We are trying to hit everybody,” he elaborated.

On being an entrepreneur in the digital age, Theurer said, “It is terrifying but very fun. It has been a blessing because our business is all online; that’s the easiest way to do it with Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. We will see where it goes. I am excited to see where it goes.”

“This protein comes in a chocolate flavor,” he revealed. “That’s the No. 1 flavor of protein that people like. It is naturally flavored with no additives and zero sugar. It only has carbs for fiber,” he concluded.

To learn more about his protein company Gluco-Pro Protein, check out its official website, and follow it on Instagram.

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