Op-Ed: The group TRiiiPSS is the ‘One to Watch’ in 2023 in music

Jay Litherland and TRiiiPSS
Jay Litherland and TRiiiPSS. Photo Courtesy of TRiiiPSS

The group TRiiiPSS is the ‘One to Watch’ in 2023 in music. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

U.S. Olympic silver medalist swimmer Jay Litherland is also a musician. He and his (triplet) brothers, Kevin and Mick, make up the group and they released their song “Lefty” back in October of 2022. Its music video may be seen below.

TRiiiPSS are musical cosmopolitans who – as singers, songwriters, and producers – take inspiration from the diverse sounds of the places where they lived and grew up. East and West coast hip-hop rhythms mingle with tones and swagger from the Pacific Rim.

TRiiiPSS released their first three singles in 2020. These songs include “High Hopes”, “Carwash”, and “Adventures of Bingleboppers.” They were a way of sharing lightness and rhythm with friends and family in trying times. “Simple Wonders” followed in 2021 as the group continued to hone their production and refine their musical style.

Mick, Jay, and Kevin Litherland, who make up TRiiiPSS, were born on a sunny late summer day in the mid-1990s. The contrasting brightness and coolness of that season comes through in their music, and in the personalities of the artists themselves. During college, they discovered their shared passion for music, and have since worked over the course of years to develop and experiment with their sound.

In their music, they encompass elements from their parents’ homelands of Japan and New Zealand, as well as their time spent living in the U.S., where they were especially influenced by the rhythmic and percussive characteristics of Atlanta rap.

For more information on the band TRiiiPSS, visit their Linktree page.

In November of 2022, Jay Litherland was profiled on “Live on Air with Steven Cuoco,” where he opened up about his group.