Philips Hue just made its clever connected lights way more affordable


If you want a smart way of lighting up your home you really won’t find anything better than Philips Hue. These clever connected bulbs and lamps link straight to your smartphone or smart speaker and can be fully controlled via a touch of a button or simple voice commands.

Colours can also be magically changed to any shade in the rainbow and they can be set to come on at different times of the day and night helping to keep your home a little more secure when you head away for the weekend.

Philips offers a wide range of lighting options but with prices for a simple bulb starting from around £20 each it’s not exactly cheap.

Luckily the gadget firm is now trying to make getting started with its products a little more affordable thanks to a new offer.

Via a dedicated starter kit page on its website, customers can now build a bundle of lights and get a whopping 25 percent off of their shopping basket.

The only thing to note is that, to get the discount, the order must include a Hue bridge. This box is needed to connect all of the lights you buy to your broadband network and costs £50.

Philips says this new deal will give customers an ultra-flexible way to get started by allowing them to create their ideal starter kit from a selection of bulbs, moodlighting, outdoor lighting and luminaires.

You can see the deal here.

Along with this new starter kit, there’s more good news for Hue fans with the firm also recently announcing a swathe of new products which are aimed at adding some colour and light to gardens.

The new products include four new outdoor wall and bollard lights which can all be connected and controlled via your phone.

The new range even includes the vintage-style Inara wall light which brings a filament-style bulb from indoors to outdoors.

As part of this launch, Hue has also announced an update to its app which brings new Candle and Fireplace effects to your lights.

The new effects mimic the gentle glow of natural candlelight and a cosy fireplace, creating a relaxing or romantic mood at home.

Published at Thu, 03 Feb 2022 08:45:00 +0000

Philips Hue just made its clever connected lights way more affordable


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