Plusnet broadband price hike announced this week, is your bill set to rise?


Plusnet broadband price hike announced this week, is your bill set to rise?

Plusnet has this week revealed a price rise for their broadband, line rental and call offerings. The Plusnet price rise effects anyone who signs up to a Plusnet broadband, line rental or call plan contract on or after Wednesday October 7 2020. The upcoming price rise is the consumer price index (CPI) rate of inflation – which the ONS said for this year stands at 1.5 percent – plus an additional 3.9 percent.

The news was reported by ISPreview, and comes after EE and BT announced similar moves last month.

The Plusnet price rise will also impact those on fixed price contracts whose minimum term expires on or after December 2 2020.

Plusnet Mobile customers that sign up to a contract or change their plan on or after October 7 will also be impacted by the price rise.


Announcing the news online, Plusnet said: “These price increases will apply to you if: you signed up to a contract with Plusnet on or after 7th October 2020; and/or you’re a customer whose fixed price contract minimum term ends on or after 2nd December 2020, and that minimum term has now ended. For all other customers, unless you’re in a fixed price contract minimum term, see our CPI Guide.”

Explaining when prices will increase, Plusnet added: “Our broadband, line rental, call plans and some call charges will go up in price in line with CPI plus 3.9 percent on or after 1st June 2021 and then on or after 1st March every year from March 2022. For any customer who signs-up or take a new contract on or after 7th October 2020, early termination charges will also increase in line with CPI plus 3.9 percent”.

The price rise will also impact John Lewis Broadband customers as the service is provided by Plusnet. The news comes after after BT – who are the parent company of Plusnet – also announced a CPI plus 3.9 percent price cut.

Explaining the decision at the time, a BT spokesperson said: “While we recognise that no one likes to see their prices go up, with the major growth in data usage seen recently, both at home and on the move, we want to continue to invest heavily in our networks, products and services, simplify our packages and policies, and offer greater support and flexibility to those who need it the most.

“That’s why we’re making some changes to our contract terms, and better reflect the Fairness commitments laid out by Ofcom last year, by bringing all our products and brands in line with a single annual increase, of a known and predictable amount.

“This is far clearer for our customers and moves away from the unpredictable changes that customers can face today across the industry.”

Published at Thu, 08 Oct 2020 05:01:00 +0000


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