PS5 portable: Major PlayStation 5 release getting the handheld treatment in February


    If you’ve pre-ordered a Steam Deck, then Valve has got some fantastic news for you. Launching this month following a brief delay, the Steam Deck is Valve’s answer to the Nintendo Switch. The handheld device lets you play many of your Steam games on the go, while an incoming dock means you’ll also be able to play on the TV. The difference between this and the Switch, however, is that the Steam Deck appears to be a lot more powerful. Indeed, judging by the games that are compatible with the device, it will even be able to handle one of 2021’s biggest and best PlayStation 5 games.

    According to the Steam Deck Verified website (created by AveryCafe), the excellent Deathloop is fully playable on the upcoming handheld device.

    The site confirms that the game is compatible with the Steam Deck controller, has a legible interface, and performs well with the default graphics options enabled.

    The only drawback is that you’ll need an active internet connection when initially setting the game up.

    Other Steam Verified games include former PlayStation exclusives God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn.

    Some of the other Steam Verified games include Portal 2, Sekiro, Ghostrunner, Dark Souls 3, and Death Stranding.

    Steam Verified games are titles that are fully playable without issue. Others are listed as playable, which means they’ll work on Steam Deck, albeit with one or two compromises.

    Playable games include Battlefield 5, Factorio, It Takes Two, Inscryption, Madden NFL 22 and Nier Automata.

    Some of the issues include a lack of external controller support, not being able to exit the game properly, and having to bring up the on screen keyboard to enter text.

    Finally, there are a selection of games that are completely unplayable on the Steam Deck, largely due to the inclusion of anti-cheat software.

    These titles include Back 4 Blood, New World, Outriders, The Crew 2, Gears 5 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

    Hopefully Valve will continue to add games ahead of the Steam Deck’s February 25 release date.

    Published at Sun, 06 Feb 2022 20:25:41 +0000

    PS5 portable: Major PlayStation 5 release getting the handheld treatment in February


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