PS5 UK pre-order: Don’t expect a cheaper PlayStation 5 console from Sony


PS5 UK pre-order: Don’t expect a cheaper PlayStation 5 console from Sony

Gamers have been busily snapping up pre-orders from leading retailers this week, following the reveal of the console’s price and release date. The PlayStation 5’s big showcase has drawn in mixed reviews, but it’s clear that there is a huge demand to have one on day-one. Leading retailers have confirmed selling out of the console in record time, with many gamers still waiting to snap up a next-gen gaming machine.

And those who managed to grab a UK PS5 pre-order will have had to have been very quick.

Currys PC World has now confirmed selling out on all pre-order availability in a record-breaking 10 minutes online and 4 hours in-store, beating any record within the business to date.

Gaming fans who weren’t lucky enough to grab a pre-order will now have to wait patiently to hear whether there will be additional consoles made available for pre-order in 2020.

Nick Hayden, Head of Gaming at Currys PC World says: “We’re all excited for the launch of the PlayStation 5.

“It’s a well-loved brand with proven sales success in the past, and we expected the pre-order availability to be very popular with our customers, all looking forward to put hands on the new, highly anticipated console but we wouldn’t have expected for the console to sell out in only 10 minutes, this is record-breaking speed for any device launch at Currys PC World!

“The new PlayStation 5 will offer gamers a chance to immerse themselves into a world so distant from their own as the incredible graphics and lightning speed allows them to submerge into the game like never before.

“Other features like the 3D audio will be a game changer as music and audio subconsciously, have a massive impact on the brain, and like in movies, music and audio can have a massive impact on your emotions.

“We are expecting to start to see games that create the same high level of impact, whilst also driving a new emotional response as well.”

There are currently two different options when trying to buy a PlayStation console, the PS5 and the PS5 Digitial Edition.

The main difference between them is that the Digitial Edition does not boast a disc drive, meaning all your games will need to be downloaded.

The price is another big difference, with Sony confirming that the cheapest PS5 console in the UK will be priced at 359.99.

Unlike its rival Microsoft, Sony doesn’t currently offer a lowe-end PlayStation 5 model for next-gen gaming.

The Xbox Series S will boast next-gen features, such as faster load times, but won’t have the same firepower as the Xbox Series X.

The upside to this is that you can buy an Xbox Series S for £249 in the UK, much lower than the Digital PS5.

So does Sony have any plans to do something like this in the future and offer a third, cheaper console?

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO Jim Ryan spoke more on the subject this week, telling AV Watch, via VGC, that this was unlikely.

“The first thing I would like to say is that I respect every competitor’s decision and their philosophies,” Ryan commented.

“One thing that can be said is that if you look at the history of the game business, creating a special low priced, reduced spec console is something that has not had great results in the past. We’ve considered that option and seen other executives who have attempted this discover how problematic it is.”

Ryan adds: “Based on our research, it’s clear that people who buy a game console want to continue using it for four, five, six, or even seven years.

“They want to believe they have bought something that is future-proofed and not going to be outdated in two-to-three years. They want to have faith that if they end up buying a new TV that their current console will be able to support that new 4K TV they are considering buying.”

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