PS5 UK stock updates LIVE: GAME, Smyths Toys, ShopTo, Argos, Amazon


    PS5 stock hunters will be scouring major UK stores this weekend in case a PlayStation 5 restock becomes available to buy once again. Typically, PS5 restocks drop at the likes of GAME, Argos, Amazon, Smyths Toys and ShopTo on a weekday – but every now and again a weekend restock does go live. And there is a chance at least one UK retailer will be opening orders for the PS5 once again this weekend.

    According to reliable PS5 stock tracker account @PS5StockAlertUK, Smyths Toys will be opening orders for the PS5 again between February 4 and 8.

    So there is a chance the PS5 could become available to buy at Smyths Toys again this weekend.

    Elsewhere, while there is no information on whether ShopTo will drop more stock this weekend the online gaming retailer has been known to release surprise weekend restocks in the past – so PlayStation fans may get lucky this Saturday or Sunday.

    The next big restock will be coming from GAME, with the major high-street retailer set to release more stock the week beginning February 7.

    GAME has updated its website to say its next batch of PS5 Disc and Digital consoles have a release date of February 18, which indicates a restock on the GAME website between February 8 and 10.

    The PS5 should become available to buy between 9am and 11.30am on the day that the restock goes live at GAME.

    While speaking about the inbound Smyths Toys restock on Thursday, the @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter posted: “Exclusive: PlayStation 5 Restock Confirmed For Smyths Toys

    “Smyths Toys will be offering the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition console at local stores starting tomorrow, till Tuesday. The twist is, not all stores will have the console tomorrow.

    “We’ve been advised that the whole nation will receive PS5 Digital Edition consoles in-store however, each store will get stock on different days, up until Tuesday. And yes, this is a Digital Edition restock only, with a very small quantity available.

    “What we advise is, to visit your local stores tomorrow morning, and ask if they’ve got any PS5 Digital Edition consoles in-store. If they do, they’ll sell you one right there and then. If they don’t have it in stock, ask them when that store will get them in.

    “The staff should tell you which of the days from 4th-8th that store will have them available to order.

    “As always, we wish you the best of luck, dear PS5 hunters!”

    Argos, meanwhile, had a PS5 restock towards the end of January – but unlike previous stock drops this was mainly for Ireland.

    Unfortunately, the @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter account said there’s currently “no ETA” for the next Argos drop.

    While Amazon also had a PS5 restock in January where Prime members got ‘priority’ access, but there’s no word on if or when there will be a February drop.

    With news of an Amazon Prime price rise hitting users in the US, if you’ve been thinking of signing up to the service you may want to consider getting an annual Prime membership which will lock the price in as it stands currently for the next 12 months.

    Published at Sat, 05 Feb 2022 09:45:18 +0000

    PS5 UK stock updates LIVE: GAME, Smyths Toys, ShopTo, Argos, Amazon


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