PSN DOWN: PlayStation Network servers offline for THOUSANDS of PS4 and PS5 owners


    PSN servers are currently down, leaving PS4 and PS5 owners unable to play games online.

    The PSN server status makes grim reading for fans, who have complained about not being able to access the PlayStation Network.

    Independent website Down Detector has received thousands of reports claiming that PSN isn’t working.

    The outage tracker monitors social mentions around certain topics to detect when services go down across the world.

    The Down Detector outage map shows that the PSN issues are affecting users in the UK, Europe and the US.

    At the time of writing, there are more than 10,000 reports in the UK, as well as over 13,000 reports in the US.

    Not only does the outage stop users from logging in and accessing the PlayStation Store, but it also prevents fans from playing online multiplayer games.

    Indeed, Down Detector has received countless reports that games such as GTA Online, Call of Duty and Apex Legends are all offline.

    Express Online will keep this story updated with all the latest developments regarding the PSN server status.

    Needless to say, users have taken to social media to complain about the major PSN outage.

    Judging by the response on sites such as Twitter, users are unhappy with the lack of communication by Sony.

    “Yep store is down, but updates and game downloads are working. Tired multiplier seems to load and work,” one user tweets. “But I agree if there is scheduled/emergency downtime maybe notify the user base, send a psn app notification and maybe even system notifications to let us know would be nice.”

    Another writes: “Had set aside a good chunk of time to get in some gaming this morning and now I can’t play my games because they need an online connection. I remember a simpler time as a kid where I could just play my games when I wanted to. How did we get to this point?”

    Interestingly, there’s no word of an outage or any scheduled maintenance on the PSN status page.

    According to Sony, all services are up and running as usual, including PS Now, Account Management and Gaming.

    The lack of any communication likely means the issue is in hand, and that PSN won’t be down for long.

    Of course, Express Online will continue to monitor the situation as the story develops.

    Published at Wed, 15 Dec 2021 16:12:00 +0000

    PSN DOWN: PlayStation Network servers offline for THOUSANDS of PS4 and PS5 owners


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