Queen’s Brian May compares ‘GIFTED’ Adam Lambert with Freddie Mercury – WATCH


Queen’s Brian May compares ‘GIFTED’ Adam Lambert with Freddie Mercury – WATCH

was lead singer of Queen for 20 years before his untimely death. And for the last decade, and Roger Taylor have been touring with Adam Lambert. Now Queen and have appeared on the BBC’s The One Show where May was asked about once saying that the singer could do “everything Freddie could do and more.”

Asked to clarify, the 73-year-old said: “Adam’s different from Freddie.

“It makes me very happy that Freddie has never been imitated by Adam.

“Adam’s never tried to go that route. He has that natural affinity with the audience, the same way as Freddie does.

“He has the natural gift of a voice the same way Freddie does.”

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Taylor added: “It was just so easy from the beginning; it just worked.

“It’s been a lot of fun.”

Queen and Adam Lambert were promoting their first live album together in Live Around The World.

May said: “It was Roger who said that everyone is sitting around [in lockdown] and the one thing we can do is…put out a live album.”

The Queen guitarist added: “It encompasses everything that we’ve done all around the world.

“It kind of symbolises where we’ve been the last eight years with Adam.

“So it was a great opportunity. And once we saw the stuff, we thought, ‘Wow! People are going to love this.’

On deciding what was right for the live album, Taylor said: “Well, we wanted what we thought were really great performances.”

The Queen drummer added: “We wanted to cover a lot of different countries and so the different audiences.

“And obviously we had really great cameras in some places, so we tended to pick those that we thought were highlights.

“I think we got a real good selection there.”

Queen and Adam Lambert’s Live Around The World is released on October 2, 2020.

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