Quordle 59 March 24 HINTS: Spoiler-free clues to help you solve daily Quordle puzzle


    The latest Quordle puzzle is live, and it’s another extremely tough nut to crack. Unlike Wordle and its measly one word solution, Quordle challenges players to figure out four different words in just nine attempts. It’s really tough, but also a lot more satisfying when you do manage to find the correct answers. If you want to give Quordle a go but need a little help along the way, then head to the bottom of the page for some spoiler-free hints and clues for Quordle 59 on March 24.

    The aim of Quordle is to guess four different words in nine attempts. Similar to Wordle, you’ll need to pay attention to the colour of the tiles in order to solve the puzzle.

    If the tiles turn grey, then the letter doesn’t appear in the word you are guessing. If it’s yellow then the letter appears, just not in that particular spot. Finally, green tiles mean the letter appears in that exact position.

    The twist with Quordle is that when you guess a word it will appear in all four answer boxes. While you can discover letters and rule out others with each and every guess, you’ll need to enter the first word correctly before you can officially solve the second word and so on.

    One strategy is to get as many vowels in your opening guess as possible. Try words like ADIEU or AUDIO in your first attempt, as these letters are likely to appear in more words.

    If you’re not able to solve the first Quordle word in your second guess, then try a word with five completely different letters in order to maximise your chances of solving each puzzle.

    Also, be sure to leave yourself with enough turns to fully enter all four words. 

    Oh, and check back with Express Online each day for all the latest Wordle and Quordle clues.

    Quordle hints for word 1…

    1. The first word starts with the letter W

    2. The first word contains two vowels.

    3. The first word played havoc with my ability to solve today’s Quordle.

    Quordle hints for word 2…

    1. The second word starts with the letter G.

    2. The second word contains one vowel, although it appears twice.

    3. Now that you’ve solved the second word, you’ve got to be hungry for more…. and more… and more.

    Quordle hints for word 3…

    1. The third word starts with the letter D.

    2. The third word contains just one vowel.

    3. Is it me or is it getting dark in here?

    Quordle hints for word 4…

    1. The fourth word starts with the letter W.

    2. The fourth word contains two vowels.

    3. One of the letters appears twice.

    Published at Thu, 24 Mar 2022 01:09:00 +0000

    Quordle 59 March 24 HINTS: Spoiler-free clues to help you solve daily Quordle puzzle