Reacher season 2: Willa Fitzgerald teases hopes for Roscoe spin-off ‘I’m waiting!’


    The brand new Prime Video series is based on the first book in Lee Child’s bestselling Jack Reacher series, The Killing Floor. Although the titular anti-hero, portrayed by Alan Ritchson, won’t be bumping into any of his new companions in future seasons, the writer and cast have all expressed their hopes for Officer Roscoe Conklin (played by Willa Fitzgerald) to come back in some capacity.

    Alan’s co-star Willa has revealed her hopes for a spin-off based on her character Roscoe after the first season of Reacher.

    Roscoe is partly a new invention for the TV adaptation of Lee’s series, as the police officer was a male character in the original book.

    In the television adaptation, she joins Reacher and Chief Detective Oscar Finley (Malcolm Goodwin) as they uncover a chilling conspiracy in the small town of Margrave, Georgia.

    Reacher, a former military police officer, is now leaving a nomadic existence and wanders into town looking for his brother, but discovers more than he bargained for.

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    Even so, author Lee also revealed he was distraught to say goodbye to the characters when he was writing Killing Floor, and felt the same by the end of production on season one of Reacher.

    He explained: “Reacher moves on all the time, and I was so sad I would never see Finley or Roscoe again. I mean, literally, I was almost in tears at that prospect.

    “And I felt the same thing at the end of this season. I wish I’d called it Roscoe, now, and we could have had more!”

    When asked how she’d like to see the series continue, Willa prompted Lee to write another book based on her character.

    She told him: “I’m just waiting for Roscoe! You teased it, and I want you to write it now.”

    Sadly, the writer wouldn’t confirm if a Roscoe series is indeed on the cards, but could the character prove popular enough for a spin-off down the line?

    After Tom Cruise’s divisive portrayal, Reacher fans have been waiting to see the character done justice for years.

    Hopefully, now all six foot five of the iconic vigilante is back on screens, the new series can prove popular enough to warrant several more seasons, and even a spin-off or two.

    Reacher season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

    Published at Sat, 05 Feb 2022 04:01:00 +0000

    Reacher season 2: Willa Fitzgerald teases hopes for Roscoe spin-off ‘I’m waiting!’


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