Reality TV star Josh Seiter opens up about his personal life

Josh Seiter
Josh Seiter. Photo Courtesy of Josh Seiter

Reality TV star Josh Seiter chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos, and he shared the latest developments in his personal life.

American author, speaker, and leader John C. Maxwell once said: “Dreams don’t work  unless you do.” This quote applies to reality TV star and social influencer Josh Seiter.

Seiter, who holds a Juris Doctor degree, addressed the rumors of his dating Christine Brown, which have appeared in many print and digital publications. “There has been a lot of speculation in the media and social media about me and Christine Brown, but at this time, Christine and I are just friends,” he explained.

“I would be open to dating Christine,” he admitted. “I think she has a great sense of humor and is beautiful. She also appears to be a great mother and grandmother. I tend to let things fall into place according to the universe’s plan, so I won’t be ‘pursuing’ it per se, but I am open to anything developing naturally if it goes there.”  

Being on reality television has helped him a great deal over the years. “It has helped me grow a thick skin,” he said. “People aren’t so much ‘fans’ of reality television these days, it’s more about picking apart and hating the contestants. Because of this, you learn to ignore the thousands of comments aimed at you and you learn to take everything said in the media with a grain of salt. I’ve never allowed someone else’s opinion about me to define who I am.”

“I decide who I am, how I want to portray myself and be remembered, and I find that that version of me usually wins out over what the public is trying to paint me as. Having thick skin is the key to being successful and having a long ‘career’ in reality television,” he added. 

Regarding his plans for the New Year, he revealed, “My New Year’s resolutions for 2023 are to always try to see the glass as half full. As time goes on I think we all tend to get a bit negative, especially with the current political climate, the lockdowns, vaccine mandates, inflation, and all the other crazy stuff going on in the world. It’s easy to fall into negative thinking, but I’m committed to being positive and upbeat this year.”

“Another resolution is to continue staying in the best shape of my life,” he said. “I’ll be 36 this year but I’m in the best physical shape of my life, and I’ve found that being fit has helped my mood and overall outlook on life immensely. My final resolution is to keep investing in the market and letting those compound returns work for me.” 

One of his biggest passions in life involves raising awareness of mental health. “I’ve been an outspoken advocate for anxiety and depression awareness since 2016,” he said.

“Since the age of 15, I have struggled with those issues and it hits close to home,” he said. “Over the years I’ve helped thousands of people get help through my Instagram page, and I have dedicated thousands of hours to posting on this issue and sharing my mental health journey with the world. It’s so important that people know they aren’t alone, and that even those of us in the public eye struggle with the very same issues they do. One day I hope to run a suicide prevention line and really get down in the trenches helping people who are at critical moments in their lives.”

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