Remembering Long Island’s Janet Russell (1940-2023)

Janet Russell
Janet Russell. Photo Courtesy of Gary Hahn

The Long Island community mourns the loss of Janet Russell, one of its finest women… She was an internationally-recognized psychic, medium, intuitive, TV host, and a true philanthropist, who supported many charities that were near and dear to her.

She died in Medford on Sunday, April 9, 2023, at the age of 82, two weeks shy of her 83rd birthday.  Ms. Russell was born on April 23, 1940 in Queens, NY.

Her visiting hours will be on Sunday, April 16, 2023 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., and from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the McManus-Lorey Funeral Home, which is located in Medford, New York. The funeral will be held  on Monday, April 17, 2023 at the McManus-Lorey Funeral Home, and the burial will follow in Calverton National Cemetery.

“My very dear friend and mentor Janet Russell had a heart of gold,” this #Powerjournalist remarked. “There aren’t enough pages or books to describe all of the good Janet Russell did in this world. I was honored and blessed to know her in this life. She became such a mentor and the grandma figure that I never got to know growing up. Was so great all the memorable times, experiences, concerts, shows, conversations, and the TV show we did together. Was humbled to be her ‘Media Magnet’ TV show co-host. She became my intuitive ‘Fairy Godmother’ in life. Love you and miss you so much! I am confident that a line of angels were sent to lead you to paradise.”

May she RIP, and may her memory be forever eternal. For more information, check out the funeral home’s official website and via Legacy.

Debra Rothberg also paid her tribute to the late Janet Russell, who proclaimed her as the “First Long Island Medium,” which may be read below.

On Saturday April 8, 2023, Janet Russell Trusted Advisor to the Long Island Community, Influencers and Celebrities Nationwide Passed Peacefully in her Sleep with a Heart Filled with Love. 

Queens born lifelong Medford Resident Mother of 4, Janet Russell survived her husband Wayne Aubrey Russell and daughter Elizabeth Russell, and is survived by 3 children Wayne Russell, Rhonda Russell, and Guy Russell, 5 Grandchildren David Hall, Kimberly, Andrew, James and Heather, 7 Great Grandchildren and 8 cats.

For 60 years Janet Russell Psychic Medium, Spiritual Guide, TV and Radio Host, Producer, Philanthropist, and first New York Woman Mail Carrier. Janet loved her family and delivered healing messages from loved ones who crossed over, original private readings included an audio tape. Janet enjoyed Charity Events and never charged Admission for the Psychic Fairs she produced. 

Janet felt she was successful because she was an honest person. Janet would say “I don’t make things up, I’ve been given a gift and should give back to the community”.  Janet used her clairvoyant talents on her Long Island Cable Access Show, “Beyond the Unexplained”, which showed locally on Channel 20 and across the nation, she was a guest on other cable programs including A&E’s Paranormal State, and the Emmy nominated series “Haunted New York” with Emily France.

Not born with intuitive ability, Janet’s Psychic abilities began in her 20’s, soon after a lost hour of time in March 1962, that would change her life forever, and would take 33 years to remember. After a near death experience in June of 1992, Janet had the ability to communicate with those who passed on. Since Wayne Aubrey Janet’s husband became ill, Janet had to be

the breadwinner. She became the first woman mail carrier receiving 2 awards for her service, but was forced to retire at 53 due to heart issues. Through hypnosis Janet recalled her UFO sighting and abduction.  

Janet took a class on Paranormal, the teacher wanted to know how long she had the ability to do her psychic work. It was after the UFO experience that opened her up to her ability.  Janet also learned she had an implant in her arm and daughter Lily, who she was pregnant with at the time of her abduction, found an implant in her leg.  

Janet worked with the New York Police Department on several murder cases, as well as the infamous Katie Beers kidnapping crime, in which a nine-year old Long Island girl was miraculously found alive after spending 17-days held hostage in an underground bunker. Janet was the ONLY psychic to accurately describe the manner and area where Katie was held. 

Janet’s Grandson David, who was more like her son, was with Janet when she predicted the TWA Flight 800 tragedy and forewarned a subsequent victim of the World Trade Center’s impending tragedy prior to 911.

“I was little, I used to go everywhere with my grandmother, I remember her having a panic attack right next to World Trade Center and her saying “I feel something terrible here”. I just blew it off cause I was little. I was also with her the night Flight 800 crashed. We went camping at Smith Point Beach in her pop-up camper, Grandma never went camping again, I remember her saying she had bad feelings and once again I was like “ok Grandma”, lol. Now in my older years I truly believe she had a gift”.

A Manager at Violet Cove personally witnessed Janet’s ability to speak to the dead when one of his bartenders received a surprising reading. Janet said, if the person was alive he would be smoking sausages around this time of year. The bartender broke down and said his grandfather always smoked sausages in the fall. There’s no possible way anybody could have known that.