Review: Christopher Sean dazzles as Ultraman in ‘Ultraman: Rising’ anime on Netflix

'Ultraman: Rising'
'Ultraman: Rising.' Photo Courtesy of Netflix.

Christopher Sean (“Days of Our Lives”) dazzles as Ultraman in “Ultraman: Rising” anime on Netflix. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

The synopsis is: With Tokyo under siege from rising monster attacks, baseball star Ken Sato (voiced by Christopher Sean) reluctantly returns home to take on the mantle of #Ultraman.

The titanic superhero meets his match when he reluctantly adopts a 35-foot-tall, fire-breathing baby kaiju. Sato must rise above his ego to balance work and parenthood while protecting the baby from forces bent on exploiting her for their own dark plans.

Aside from Christopher Sean, Gedde Watanabe, Tamlyn Tomita and Hiro Nakamura also star.

Christopher Sean delivers a bold, brave, and charismatic voiceover performance as Ken Sato/Ultraman, which runs the gamut. Everybody in the voiceover cast is able to bring something distinct to the table. It is neat to see this Japanese franchise getting an American reboot.

The storytelling is both heartfelt and resonant since it showcases a young man that is trying to be a good father and role model while he simultaneously is trying to reunite with his estranged father. The family dynamics that are explored in this anime are truly eye-opening, and many viewers will find them relevant and relatable. “Ultraman: Rising” garners two giant thumbs up.

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