Review: Emma Hewitt releases ethereal single ‘Raindrop’ and music video

Emma Hewitt
Emma Hewitt. Photo Courtesy of Black Hole Recordings

Trance vocal queen Emma Hewitt released her new single, the ethereal “Raindrop.” #Powerjournalist has the scoop.

Hewitt is expressive on this track, and it is filled with raw emotions. She maintains solid control over her crystalline voice. The song was co-penned by Emma Hewitt and her brother, the ever-gifted Anthony Hewitt, who also directed and edited her song’s polished music video, which may be seen below.

“She was a stranger, who everybody thought that they knew, the world that contained her, she always kept hidden from view,” she sings in the opening verse, instantly luring her listeners in.

It is evident that each time Emma Hewitt opens her mouth, her produces a true musical event… and “Raindrop” is no different. It is a tune that is worthy to be played on loop all day.

“Raindrop” is the fourth single from her highly-anticipated upcoming studio album “Ghost Of The Light.”

“Raindrop” is available on digital service providers by clicking here. It garners an A rating.