Review: Haylie Duff and Rob Mayes stun in ‘Sweet on You’ film

Haylie Duff and Rob Mayes in ‘Sweet on You.'
Haylie Duff and Rob Mayes in ‘Sweet on You.’ Photo Courtesy of UPtv.

Haylie Duff and Rob Mayes stun in the new movie “Sweet on You,” which was released on Sunday, February 26 on UPtv.

“Sweet on You” was written and directed by Marla Sokoloff, and it stars Rob Mayes and Haylie Duff as the leads Drew and Kate.

Most impressive about this movie is that it was inspired by a real-life story of Duff’s grandfather, and it even features her daughter, Ryan, in her acting debut. Marla Sokoloff did a solid job directing it, and the same holds true for Duff and Sokoloff in regard to its resonant screenplay.

In the film “Sweet on You,” Kate Davies (Haylie Duff) has always lived a sweet, simple life in the idyllic town of Cedar Creek. She owns the town’s famous pie shoppe, Pearls Pie Place, that she runs with her best friend, Bree (Chelsea Alden).

Kate recently lost her mother and has been trying to pick up the pieces of her life, when she meets city goer Drew Ellis (Rob Mayes), who is in town to claim land that he inherited and has plans to turn the land into soulless tract homes.

Duff allows her bubbly personality to shine as Kate, while Mayes is charming as Drew. It has a lot of heart to it. This is a feel-good film that is worth checking out. It underscores the importance of good friends in life, as well as how friends can become chosen family. Also, it is never too late for a person to fall in love. It is a film about friendship, love, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness.