Review: Le Garde Manger is an amazing restaurant in Montreal, Canada

Le Garde Manger
Le Garde Manger. Photo Credit: Markos Papadatos

Le Garde Manger is an incredible restaurant in Montreal, Canada. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the recap.

Their seafood selection was simply superb, consisting of lobster, oysters, and clams… The same holds true for their shrimp and scallops.

Equally remarkable was their “Beef Carpaccio,” which was served with mushrooms. onions. truffle mayonnaise, and chips. Their lobster pogos and caviar were also exquisite.

Some of their standout entrées include Agnolotti (which is comprised of ricotta, fava beans, cultured butter, ramps, and crispy lemon), as well as their duck, which is quite crispy and served with beets, wild onions, endives, and bigarade sauce.

The pastries that were served for dessert were also savory and scrumptious.

The restaurant just celebrated its 18th anniversary, so here’s to the next 18 years.

The Verdict

Overall, Le Garde Manger is exceptional in every way: the atmosphere is warm, nonchalant, and pleasant, the servers, bartenders and management is highly professional and attentive to the patrons’ needs, and the food is just delightful. The presentation of their meals was artistic and creative (compliments to the chef).

It is located at 408 Rue St. Francois-Xavier in Montreal, and it is worth a trip while dining in the area. There is always something new to try due to its elaborate menu of offerings. Le Garde Manger garners five out of five stars. Bravo.

To learn more about Le Garde Manger, check out its official website, and follow the eatery on Instagram.