Review: Matt Fraser captivates The Theatre at Westbury on Long Island with his powerful live show

Matt Fraser
Matt Fraser. Photo Courtesy of Matt Fraser

On May 10, world-renowned psychic medium Matt Fraser captivated the Theatre at Westbury on Long Island with a powerhouse live show. #Powerjouranlist Markos Papadatos has the recap.

For over 90 minutes, he was able to deliver messages to the audiences’ loved ones for above in an honest and authentic manner. He was witty, refreshing, and he exuded a great deal of charm and charisma. He commanded the stage for the entire duration. There were multiple feelings raw emotions in the venue… tears of sadness, tears of joy, nostalgia, relief, peace, and closure.

Fraser was able to move his audience on both an emotional and spiritual level, and it is highly recommended that one sees him live when he comes to town. Grab some popcorn or drinks, sit back, and be prepared to have your minds blown by Fraser. 

In addition, Matt Fraser is the epitome of grace, class, and humility. His live show was so powerful that it will certainly blow all the skeptics away. He was so specific with his feedback and explained how and why he saw things a certain way, as he served as a bridge/vessel to the audience’s loved ones that have passed on.

His live performance at The Theatre at Westbury on Long Island was profoundly compelling and it garnered an A rating. Well done.

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