Review: Nikolas reunites with Spencer, meets baby Ace on ‘General Hospital’

Adam Huss in 'General Hospital
Adam Huss in 'General Hospital.' Photo Courtesy of ABC

Nikolas Cassadine (played by Adam Huss) is back on the Port Charles canvas on “General Hospital.” Most recently, Nikolas reunited with his son, Spencer, and he got to meet baby Ace for the first time. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

These were some really powerful scenes of reunion, reconciliation, and acceptance between Nikolas and Spencer Cassadine on the ABC daytime drama. Their father and son heart-to-heart was able to move the audience on an emotional level, and the inclusion of baby Ace (played by the Clay Brothers) in there, was sheer bliss… especially when the baby was reaching for his on-screen father.

Adam Huss will break you, and will make you forget that you are watching a drama series, and feel like you are experiencing real life in this scenes, which are extremely well-written and potent. One can hear Huss’ heart and hurt in these scenes. They showcase his character’s quest to redeem himself with his sons. Once again, Huss is delivering Emmy-caliber work, and “General Hospital” fans and his peers in the industry ought to take notice of his wide acting range talent.

While the role of Nikolas Cassadine has been played by several incredible actors over the years (including the late Emmy winner Tyler Christopher and the gifted Marcus Coloma, who was unique in his own right), Adam Huss deserves to be commended for making this character his own from the getgo, as well as for being raw, authentic, and original.